Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost finished for this year

The year has nearly come to an end. I've sewn quite a lot. Since I started blogging in september, I've shown you everything I have made so far. So here goes one more time:

Again, I'm very, very happy with this blouse. I was not sure wether this puffy sleeves would still be in fashion, but after browsing a lot of the stores lately I can safely say that they still are.

I had forgotten how cute the buttons are.. Don't you agree on that? 

Funny thing:
If you keep looking at this picture (slowly move your eyes up and down at the line where the shadow is darker) it seems like the fabric on the right is laying on top of the left side. Which is not the case of course, it's the shadow that's playing tricks with your eyes. The left side with the buttonholes is lying on top of the right side on which you can just see the line of stitches peeping out.

I'm not done sewing yet! I still want to make the Slinky shrug. Yep. Got everything washed and dried and am ready to cut it out and start sewing. My goal is to finish it and post about it before the year ends. Should be doable imo.
But of course I too have some Christmassy stuff to attend to in the coming days so I'm gonna be absent for a few days. But next week..I'll be back!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.



Eugenia said...

Oooh Lilian, no wonder you are pleased with your blouse - it really does look fabulous and suits you so well. Those buttons are, indeed, cute and add just the right finishing touch. By the way I love your Christmas tree - it looks so festive and happy! On that note, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Sigrid said...

Mooie blouse.

Vrolijk kerstfeest!

Lina said...

Beautiful blouse.It suits you so good and you look so happy.Wishing you happy holidays. :)