Friday, April 30, 2010

A skirt fit for a queen

I got your attention there, didn't I ??
But no, the skirt I have finished and am about to show you later in this post, is not worth a definition like that. It's great to mé but not something fit for, let's say, a queen.

Then why this title?
queen Beatrix

I'ts Queens-Day in our country (and in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba). Today we celebrate our royal family, and they are celebrating with us by visiting a few towns which have organised special festivities. These trips are broadcasted on national television. Actually everywhere in the country there are outdoor queens-day activities. Thé place to be is probably Amsterdam. And not unimportant: everyone has a day off!

I do watch the television but only to see what all our princesses, and especally our crown-princess Máxima, are wearing, haha.  Yeah, pretty shallow, I know.

Máxima is always very fashionable and has surprised us more than once with her outfits. I mean, you gotta love this:

or this:

or maybe this:

Sigh.........I wish I was a princess.....
No, not really of course.

I wonder if and how her outfits will change once queen Beatrix abdicates and Máxima's husband, prince Willem-Alexander, becomes king. Maybe in a few years time we'll know.

So. That's the link to the (rather silly) title of this post.
But we came here to see the skirt, right?

As I am a bit lazy today I didn't feel like dressing up for a picture so I asked 'The Blue Lady' if she would be so kind to pose for a picture. And she did.

I love this skirt. The fit is great and it has a real spring-feel to it. And that's about all I can tell about it. A great piece to add to my wardrobe and a nice addition to my mini-swap. I'm halfway now, two more garments to sew!

I'm enjoying the first day of a 6-day minibreak and I plan on sewing my next swap-piece, which is the white blouse, and after that the trousers and then I'm done.

Hope you are all (about to) have a great weekend with lots of sewing fun!



KID, MD said...

Your skirt looks wonderful! It will be a great addition to your wardrobe. Princess Maxima is lovely! The photos you posted (especially that last one) remind me of the fashion spreads in Burda magazine!

Aminat said...

Love your skirt...great job... I love the princess's fuschia pink outfit too,very nice

gwensews said...

Great skirt! I'm sure you will look like a princess in it!

Eugenia said...

Ooh Princess Maxima has a pretty stylish wardrobe. But, Lilian, so do you!! That skirt is fabulous - love the stripes. It has a lovely fresh, crisp look and will look beautiful with so many tops.

Kathi said...

I really like your skirt. It is one of those skirts that can be worn with a pair of dressy sandals for work, or a pair of casual ones on the weekend -- perfect!!
Maxima has some really cute outfits. It looks like she has a great sense of style and knows what looks good for her body and look.

JoanneM said...

Beautiful princess outfits. Yes, I would watch also!