Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's a SWAP folks!

Is there a definition for a SWAP? Are there any criteria? Or is it just what it is: Sewing With A Plan.
Or is it: Sewing With A Passion?  That's what I thought initially when I encountered the term swap for the first time. I guess it's a bit of both.
And does it always have to be a group-thing, in which others can participate?

Anyway, following my very own criteria, I'd like to introduce you to my very first SWAP. And I must warn you, it's a mini-version. I've seen bigger plans on many of your blogs. But the idea of starting small somehow appeals to me. I know myself. If I can't live up to the expectation of finishing 10 garments I will feel unhappy and pressed to finish, which will kill the 'passion' for sewing. So why put myself through that misery right?
And that's why I lowered the number of pieces to 4. Yep, that's right. 4.

The idea:

Producing a small spring-wardrobe that I can wear in the office. The colourscheme is blue-white-grey. Real basic-colours. I love that and also the fact that you can accessorize these colours very well with black and brown, my favourite belt/shoe/boot colour. And silver jewelry, my favourite as well.
I believe these pieces will give me four great outfits.

The plan:

top - Burda 10/2008-119
I made this top twice already. Once with short sleeves for summer.

Viscose-polyester. A bit thicker quality jersey.

Skirt - Burda 04/2006-103
I love the classic lines of this skirt. The pleat and the fact it's a bit wider at the bottom. Suits my figure perfectly.

Wool-polyester, grey-blue.

Blouse - Burda 10/2008-113b
Loved this pattern from the start. The fact that it's a bit loose-fitting in the shoulder-area is great for me. That's most of the time my problem-area with blouses. 

A crispy white polyester-cotton

Trousers - Burda 01/2006-107
Don't you just love the look of these trousers? The wide waistband, the pockets. A classic look. Love it!

Woolen stretch fabric.

I thought it was time I started sewing more with Burda-patterns. I'm very hooked on sewing Knip-Mode patterns you know.

First I have to get 3 other projects out of the way. I'm not starting this swap until they are finished. But they're quite easy garments (blue boucle skirt, pyamas, knit-top). And they've been on my list for so long that I now have to get on with them.

I'll have to get back on sewing-track first, cause I seem to have fallen of somehow.

Talk to you later.



Lina said...

Great plan.Perfect choice for office wardrobe.Burda top is my favorite.

gwensews said...

You have your own, personal plan. Those are some very nice choices. Enjoy your sewing.

Anonymous said...

You picked out some great pieces!

stephanie said...

Yes, a plan! That is a good idea. Looking forward to your little spring wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

All your pieces are going to go together really well. It will be lovely to see them all finished.

Anonymous said...

Great plan. This winter I made seven skirts in different colors to complement things that I already had in my wardrobe. I just lacked skirts. My previously unworn clothes are now 'outfits" with my new skirts. So it was a good plan. The best plan is the one that suits your life.


Eugenia said...

Oh you have such a wonderful plan worked out there. I love all of those patterns and fabrics, everthing is going to work together so well. Your colour scheme is very elegant.

Kathi said...

Oh, I like those patterns! I wish I had those issues . . .
I must not go see if I can buy them, I have enough Burda magazines now and enough things to sew . . .
I need to learn to have a plan when I sew. Maybe someday . . .