Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bought. Not sewed. Sorry.

Still no progress on my skirt. I did zero sewing last week. Which is not how I want it to be, but it's just how it is. So you have to wait a bit longer on the endresult of my skirt.

But I did some shopping yesterday. I felt I needed something new for a work-appointment on monday and I thought this was a good reason to buy something. So I went to a store which was a favourite of mine a few years back. Lately they were quite disappointing to my taste but I thought: why not give it a try one more time. And I'm glad I did. So this is what I bought:

I'll be wearing this on monday, combined with a softgrey pleated satin skirt (same colour as the background of this picture), a cream-white v-necked top and my new high-heeled shoes.
And this necklace which I bought also yesterday:

Picture of the shoes (from the website, this gives the best idea of the shoe. If your foot is not in it the straps dug down, so this is much nicer). I bought these a while ago:

I had to bring this top home with me. A great piece to combine with loads of stuff:

And finally my pi├Ęce-de-resistance:

Can you believe I had already decided not to buy it because I wasn't sure wether I would wear this or not? About 30 minutes later I just knew I would regret it if I didn't buy it, so I went back to the rack and grabbed it in a 'this is mine!' way. And now I'm glad I did.  

Next up: reading all the updates on your blogs. Only 91 posts... And then loads of washing and ironing. I guess today will be a non-sewing day again.

But I'm planning on doing some sewing in the evenings this coming week. And friday I'm free from work because I'm working this monday (which means I have a four day weekend ahead of me! Yay!!!) And since I only need a few more hours on the skirt.....hmmm....maybe a post on friday??? We'll see.



Eugenia said...

You've got some beautiful purchases there. I love the colour of the cardigan and that dress is a real find - you definitely did the right thing going back and grabbing that. You're going to be looking lovely this spring!

Kathi said...

That dress is beautiful -- you should model it for us!
Hope you get some sewing done this week. I know how you feel!