Saturday, February 20, 2010

A sneak preview...

...and that's all I can give you I'm afraid.

After working a bit on my skirt last weekend I had one day I spent with a friend, one day at work and the rest of the week I've been ill. Nothing serious. Something upset my stomach, in a way that takes more than one day to recover. I'm no longer having cramps but I'm still nauseous from time to time and I'm not sure what I can or can't eat to make sure it won't get worse again. Because that will set me back probably at least a day. On top of that I have a headache lingering all the time and every now and then breaking through, and this afternoon I strained a muscle in my lowerback. Probably the result of lying on the bed for two days.
I'll get over it. Of course I will, but it's just so frustrating that there's no sewing going on.

But a week without blogging just doen't feel right and I want to give you something anyhow. So as far as a sneak preview goes, here's a detail of the skirt:

Do you have any idea which way this is going?

I hope there will be more to reveal in a short time, but for now I'm keeping it low. I want to be better when I have to go to work on tuesday so I'm focusing my energy on that. (At least now I can finish reading that book I started a long time ago).

Hope you are all feeling alright and are having a great weekend.



Eugenia said...

The sneak preview looks good - that skirt fabric is a beautiful colour. I do hope you feel better very soon - take care and get plenty of rest.

Sigrid said...

Kan de onderdelen niet plaatsen, maar wel een mooi kleurtje!
Beterschap, hoop dat je snel weer de oude bent.

Kathi said...

I hope you are feeling better by now.
I just love the color of that fabric. I am sure the skirt will be lovely.