Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Feeling hot hot hot, new blouse and other summer-stuff...

Anyone out there who likes to sew in blistering temperatures?? No, me neither…
It's sooo hot and dry here in the Netherlands and there's no sign of it changing anytime soon. 
I have a trip planned this thursday with two friends. Initially we were going to pay a visit to a few city's in the province of Zeeland, but I don't think that's a good idea when it's 35°C. Thursday and Friday are actually the hottest days according to the weather forecast. We will probably be driving on to the coast instead and spending our day at the beach.
Next tuesday I'll be going on a daytrip with a friend to Trier (Germany). It's  booked at a bus-company and I'm really looking forward to that but if the temperatures are still this high (and chances are they will be) than it's going to be somewhat of a challenge to be walking around in a heated city. I hope the bus has airco, that would be a big plus!
Okay, I've moaned enough. There are still a lot of people who really enjoy this kind of weather. I'm sure my kind of weather will return. Everyone gets their fair share eventually. Now, on to the sewing part.

I'm in the second week of my 5-week holiday and despite being overheated, I did manage to make a garment. It's a remake of a blouse I made in june 2014. (See here). Back then I had some troubles with the pattern. This is what the original one looks like:

It has pleats on the neckline, just sewn in place without any further reinforcement. That just didn't work, the neckline was way too wide. I even tried to enlarge the pleats but it just seemed to open up if I put it on. I decided to draft a rounded band to put on top of that neckline and that did the trick!
I've worn the 2014 version só many times and now I'm really satisfied with the end-result of this new blouse. The fabric is a bit stiffer than the purple one from 2014, but it's just working fine. To make sure I could get it on and off I had to eliminate one of the front darts, but that doesn't seem to make a change. 
The pile of fabric I bought recently (see my previous post) really is waiting for me to dive into it. I hope I'll be entering my sewingroom soon once it's cooled down a bit.
Happy summer/sewing everyone!


Marianne said...

Pretty blouse! I'm so not a fan of this weather either, and I desparately need to make a few more summer items. Usually two or three sundresses will get me through those few warm days but now they're in permanent rotation. If only my sewing room wasn't so hot... Enjoy your days out, Trier is beautiful regardless of the weather!

Janine said...

Pretty blouse. I hate hot weather too but in Australia it is the norm, not the exception.