Friday, May 4, 2018

Playing with stripes

First of all a big thank you to those who left a comment on my previous post. It's great to hear from you!

In the meantime the tee is finished. Nothing complicated, just a simple project. But isn't it true that those pieces are the ones that get to be worn the most?
I thought it would be fun to play a bit with the stripes and added a band at the bottom of the sleeves with the stripes going in the opposite direction. For that I folded a rectangular in half and sewed it double at the bottom of the sleeves. The stripes of the necklinebinding are also placed at a right angle.

I'll try to sneak in a little post about how I make a necklinebinding. If you are struggling with the usual method (folding a strip of fabric and sewing it double to the neckline), this method may be the one you were looking for. It works for me every time and I find its much easier. 

Back to the tee. I'm happy with the fit. Basically I measured my hips, waist, bustline and upperarm circumference and changed the old pattern accordingly, including a fullbust-adjustment. There is still some bulkiness in front of the armpit. I have to look into that but for now I'm really happy with the outcome: a fitting t-shirt, but not too close-fitting. 

A new project is already in the making. It's a new version of an old Burda pattern.
I love, love, love this pattern. It suits my bodyshape very well.
However, I have some doubts about my fabric-choice. It's a thin jersey and I'm afraid it will be too thin to hold its shape. But I'm going ahead anyway and hope it's going to work out! I would be very sad if that fabric would go to waste.  I made this shirt more than once in the past and I still have the paper pattern, but it needed an upgrade in size as well. I got that out of the way so now it's time to cut into the fabric. Fingers crossed!!

The weather is really improving here in the Netherlands and the weather forecast for the coming days is great, so it would be a waste of good sunshine to spend hours and hours in the sewingroom. But if I recall correctly, sewing this shirt is not a lot of work. So I hope to show the result soon.

Thanks for reading and talk to you next time.

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Janine said...

So true that our simple easy projects are the most worn. The old Burda pattern looks terrific so I hope the fabric works out.