Thursday, May 17, 2018

Burda 2008/10-119

Thát was a quick make! The major part of the work went into adjusting this pattern for my size. This one goes up to a size 46 but for me it needs to be a bit bigger/longer at some places. The fact that the frontpiece has pleats makes it more of a struggle to get it right. But I think I succeeded in doing so. The fit is great. Because of the pattern placement I was limited in the amount of length I could add at the bottom. Otherwise I would have added about an inch.

I love patterns that are fairly simple to put together but are special at the same time because of some detail. This is a good example.
So yeah, pretty happy with that. I already wore it to a party friday night and today at work. Now the temperature has dropped it’s significantly cooler so it’s perfect to wear this long-sleeved top.

The colours of the fabric are hard to capture on my camera. And that's a real shame because they're beautiful. I love the different blue-toned colours combined with the brown/taupe/dusty pink. Because the front-pieces are placed diagonal on the fabric, the print on the garment is diagonal as well. 

A new project is already on the table and it is one that has been on my sewinglist for quite some time now. The idea is to make a cardigan with a nice blue-creme-striped jersey (I believe it's French terry). It's a remnant from the fabricmarket and has been in my stash for quite some time now. I still haven't cut into the fabric because the usual doubts (will it fit nicely?…) are holding me back. It would be a bummer if this project would fail. Better go and take measurements again.

Phantom Thread
Last week I went to the movies with a friend and saw Phantom Thread. I believe this movie originates from 2017 but I never heard of it before. My friend drew my attention to it and I’m glad she did. If you never saw this movie: dó if you have the chance!! It’s about a fashiondesigner in the 1950’s, Reynolds Woodcock, played by Daniel Day-Lewis. There’s a lot going on between him, his muse/girlfriend, his sister and his (late) mother. But there’s plenty of room also for sewing stuff and beautiful 50’s fashion. (Apparantly Daniel Day-Lewis learnt to make a dress in preparation of making this movie.) . The story is one you get sucked into. It’s dreamy, but never cheesy and you are constantly wondering what will happen in the next moment. So all in all, yeah, great movie! I really recommend it.

That's it for now, talk to you next time.

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