Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Fabric

It's been a while since I last showed you some newly purchased fabric. Recently I visited the weekly market near my town and I didn't had the intention of buying any new fabric. There is more than enough to work with at home. But you know how these things go, don't you? Once I have a piece of fabric in my hands, I just need to buy something. It's like an addiction. Let me rephrase that: it ís an addiction. Normally I don't like buying stuff without a plan. All the orphans in my stash are the ones of which I thought I could find a matching pattern. For most of them I'm still searching.
But when you are at a stall with remnants costing no more than € 2,50 a piece, it's hard to withstand the call of fabric. So I dived into the piles and found myself 4 nice pieces to take home with me.

Let me introduce you to:

nice blue cotton with tiny dots, probably for a late-summer or fall blouse

jersey with a very, very soft feel to it. The white is a bit off-white.

sheer multi-pastel-coloured fabric

jersey with a panel-like print, lots of grey (more than you see here) and a band of bright-coloured strokes at the side. I just lóve this!

That's it. I guess you can't call this a splurge. But these four pieces were just enough to get my needs satisfied. I went home a very happy girl!

Stay tuned for more. Yesterday I received the very first KnipMode with a new and fresh face, and some changes that are very interesting. I am thinking about doing a review.
There's also a finished project I want to show you.

So, talk to you soon!


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