Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ottobre shirt, second time around

Sometimes you're lucky. Sometimes you make something and everything goes smoothly. This t-shirt is an example of that. Even my serger was nice to me and had no hickups whatsoever. No unpicking of seams, no stupid mistakes in cutting the fabric, no......just no problems at all.
And to top it all off, it fits perfectly and wears heavenly...

Apart from that, there's not a lot to say about this shirt. It's the second one I made from an Ottobre pattern. The first one you can read about here and here.
The fabric is a jersey knit with lycra. Pretty thin, but heavy enough to hold its shape. And a joy to work with.
And I just lóve the colours and the tie-dye print. The green and blue are vibrant but toned down by the white and grey. It's perfect for this time of year (altough today it has been raining here for hours on end).
The shirt itself is simple. The only design feature is the ruffled seam on top of the sleeve.

There was not enough fabric to cut the sleeves horizontally, so I cut them upside down. The fabric is a two-way stretch so that gave no issues.
The instructions in Ottobre tell you (if I'm correct, too lazy to look it up...) to fold the neckline to the wrong side and sew it. Oh no no... Not gonna happen. Once you learn how to finish the neckline of a knit top this way, you'll never go back.

The next thing I wanna show you is already finished. I'll be posting in a few days or so.
But for now, this is it. Talk to you soon!


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