Thursday, July 30, 2015

Royal Blue Cardigan - KnipMode July 2014's raining cats and dogs here! What better time to sit down and write a post.
This cardigan was still to be reviewed and shown to you, so here goes. The fabric is a super-lovely interlock jersey in royal blue. And I wouldn't be surprised if it contained some lycra. (I bought this at a fabricmarket and I didn't ask about it....  But anyway, I want more of that stuff!!

I'm looking somewhat goofy in this picture. The real reason behind this is that I tried to pull down the cardigan to eliminate the draglines, which are caused by the absence of a fullbust-adjustment. That's right. I thought, since this is a jersey, I could do without one. I thought wrong. I will also show you the picture which shows all the flaws. And I didn't even take a picture of the back. Believe me: móre gooey badness!
Oh...and don't be fooled by that smile. I was feeling pretty frustrated at that time because every picture looked nasty, so what you see is a very artifical 'happy me'  haha...

See how the hem is pulling up? I put this picture on Facebook and got very nice comments. But I wonder if people are just being nice, or am I really too critical about my own work?

I wonder if the day will come that I make something that fits just fine. There are always issues at almost every point you can think of. And I already tried a lot of adjustments, but I'm still not where I want to be.
Maybe I should contact someone who can 'translate' my body proportions to standard sewing-patterns.
Or maybe I should search for more information (internet or real books) about adjusting sewing-patterns.

There is already one thing I discovered recently that might lead me in the right direction. I tried on a jacket I made years ago. I don't know what size I was at the time but certainly smaller. Much to my surprise it fitted perfectly in the back. And yes, I still could move my arms. No pulling, no draglines! That made me think: when drawing a pattern, maybe I should size down at the top of the back! Now I always stick to a size 46, but maybe I am only a 44 there. Interesting food for thought don't you think? I am gonna investigate this some more. Because it might just help to get rid of (some of the) draglines in the back. I am sooo done with them.

Sorry for this rant but sometimes you just have to.
And thanks for listening :-)


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Sigrid said...

Lovely color and great summer look with the white. I would definitely try to go a size smaller in the back, it's what I've done for years before starting to draft my own patterns. And people are not just being nice, the problem is that we see all the details after sewing and are SUPER critical when looking at the pictures of ourselves wearing our self made clothes. Wear with pride and joy, as it's great.