Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Summer top finished

Yay, I'm done. My first piece of summersewing is finished. It's a top from KnipMode March 2014. There is a design for a top with sleeves, and a dress without sleeves. I chose to make the top without sleeves.
At first it seemed like it was going to be an easy one but there are some details I'm not particularly happy about. First things first: a picture.

Looks alright, doesn't it? Well, what's wrong with it then?

The biggest problem is the neckline. It's way too wide. Before I cut the fabric I raised the front-neckline to avoid some unwanted cleavage, but it's like the fabric has stretched while I was working on it. And that can't have happened because I interfaced the facing, which is cut exactly according to the new, smaller designed neckline. So it can't have stretched. I'm really puzzled about this. There are almost no shoulders left on this top. (It's much worse than it looks in the picture). Combine that with a body that has almost no shoulders (yep, that's me...) and you'll understand that I constantly have to pull the shoulders back on my body. Ánd pull the whole thing up to avoid the above mentioned cleavage. No sadder thing than a piece of clothing that you have to readjust the whole time.

The next thing is the shoulderpiece (nr. 3 in the pattern-layout).
At the neckline it's curved (obviously), but it was very hard to make sure that the neckline continued fluently all the way around. And in the didn't. So the lines where the shoulderpiece meets front and back, are a bit wonky. And that's just not what you want. Because those are the things that (almost) scream: d-i-y!!
The shoulderpieces each exist of two similar pieces. One of which is used as a facing. The front of the top is sewn between these two pieces. That makes it even harder to get a fluid line.
It may not be thát obvious to others but I know it's there and that's enough. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about...

(I cut the frontpiece (1) on the fold and not as 2 separate ones as they tell you to. No idea why they designed it like that. I did however not have enough fabric to cut nr. 10 on the fold so that has a centerseam. But I placed that in the back. No-one will notice, expecially with a busy print like this.)

Now, onto the wonky bits...


At the end of each project I always ask myself: will I make this again? Well...I have high doubts about this one. There are so many nice patterns to find, why go back to something that didn't make you happy? Better move forward and start with something new and exciting. As a matter of fact I already have chosen my next project. A summer-cardigan made of a nice jersey in royal blue. I love-love that fabric. So I mustn't mess that one up. That would be a real shame.

You won't Lilian, you won't.....   ;-)

Anyways, talk to you soon.

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Anonymous said...

Dit ziet er ook heel leuk uit! Mooi model en gaaf stofje. Leuk ook die details zoals die pijltjes en de tekening van het model, ziet er goed uit!
Succes Ineke