Friday, November 21, 2014

Colourful top - KnipMode Special Oct. 2013

This top is really cheering me up with its great, vibrant colours. Something we could all use in these, most of the time, gray and cold days. At some places the colours look faded, but that's the print.
The pattern is from a KnipMode special, which I can't find anywhere by the way. The original has a little strip of fabric that goes through a hole in the front, just beneath the drape and then you tie the ends together and by that gather the drape. Boy, does that even make sense to you? Anyway, I didn't use it. Nor did I use it in the same top I made about a year ago. And that's a colourful one as well.

With that top I made a belt (not shown in the picture, couldn't find that either :-(
I left out the belt this time and instead took in the sideseams, and now it's a more fitted top. (You got to trust me on that. I don't feel like taking a picture of me as I am down with a cold and not looking too well.)
What I like particularly is the fact that the drape in the neckline is modest but at the same time looking really great. It looks even better when I wear it.

I warned you in the previous post that it would be a simple top again. And it is.
Trust me to make it diffcult...
When I sewed the shoulderseams, after painstakingly ruching the seams and basting everything together, I realised that it was not right. Something in the back of my mind told me that the first top looked different in that area. So I checked it and yes, it was different. I should have read the instructions even though I made it before. But hey...when the sewingmojo strikes, I usually fly without wings. Well, lesson learned.
The shoulderseam of the back should be hidden between the shoulderseams of the front and facingpiece, instead of showing the raw edges. Here's what it looks like after I fixed my mistake.

So the next job to do was unpicking the stitches and ruching and do it all over again, but now in the correct way.
It paid off. Now it's finished neatly and I love it. The instruction tells you to ruche also the shoulderseam of the facing, but I didn't bother with that. Just made two pleats and that works fine.
The facing is attached to the frontpiece at all sides, except at the bottom. It stays in place very well.


Now I am in desperate need of a denim skirt to pair it with. Once I will feel a bit better I will pay a visit to the fabricshop. It's been too long. Too long...

Talk to you next time.


Digs said...

What a beautiful top! did you sew the whole thing on the bias, or is the fabric just printed diagonally? I'd love to know what your pattern number is. Thank you!

Ruta said...

Very pretty colors!