Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Room for improvement

Well, what can I say about this?
That's a rhetorical question of course. What can you nót say about it? It has draglines in the front (FBA-fail) and folds in the back, both sleeves and bodice are too short, sleeves look twisted, also the sleeve-inset is weird and shows lines where there aren't supposed to be any,  I did not use the right colour of thread because I didn't have it in my stash and I was too lazy to go out to buy some. And to top it all off: when I cut through the buttonholes, two of them got damaged in the stitches. Two!! How did that happen??
Oh, and I had to rethread my serger about 8 times before it finally stopped snapping the thread.

In my previous post I was telling you how proud I was that I finally mastered the famous FBA. I have to rephrase that (hangs head in embarrassement...) Let's just say I understand some of the technique but not enough to make it work. Not yet anyway.

The good news? I didn't give up and persevered to the end! And I spent some time behind my sewing-machine, which is always a good thing. And I like the colour which is a lovely bright green, like this:
and not blue-ish as you would think. It's hard for my camera to catch the right colour.

With flashlight...

 Without flashlight....
Yikes......could do with some darts!! 

All this makes me a bit hesitant about what the next project will be. I haven't figured that out yet.
No need for another failure like this, that's for sure. Hopefully I will be starting something new soon but right now I'm not feeling too well. For 4 days now I'm having spells of headaches, dizziness, nausea and feeling hot or cold. Mentally I'm feeling low and not up to anything. Best to take it slow for a few days.

Talk to you soon!

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Dorothy DotDot said...

This is a beautiful color. The fit is nice, but I have this problem when darts aren't used. I think it's because of the bust width.