Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ottobre Design - summertop - that's the plan

While it's raining cats and dogs outside, I'm thinking about summersewing. So I looked up some old magazines and found an issue of Ottobre Design (Spring/Summer 2012) that I once got as a birthdaypresent from my sister-in-law. There are some interesting designs in this issue but I never came round to sew with these patterns.
Browsing through the magazine, my eyes were immediately drawn to this shirt:

Not very difficult to make and not a lot of work. Exactly the kind of project I need after the outcome of the green cardigan. Besides that, I like the ruffled sleeves. My narrow shoulders could do with some extra room in that area.

The instruction for sewing the sleeves is rather unpractical. They tell you to sew the elastic (to ruffle the sleeve), onto one side of the (open) seam. Then close the seam while stretching the elasticated side to accommodate the other side. Wháát??
No way I'm gonna do it like that. I'll just close the seam and sew the elastic on the seam at the wrong side. Done!

I'm not familiar with Ottobre Design magazine, so I don't know what to expect size-wise. But a simple shirt like this is already a start to find out more about that.
If the neckline is as wide as the linedrawing predicts, I will be narrowing that. And I will be adding a small band to finish the neckline. I'll probably need to widen the sleeves a bit and furthermore....we'll see what comes along.

For the fabric I've chosen a piece from my stash. I don't remember where or when I bought it. It's probably enough to make a sleeveless summertop as well. If I haven't fallen out of love with this fabric after finishing the Ottobre-shirt, that might be the next project.

Right. Let's get upstairs and start this job.


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Sigrid said...

Yes, aweful weather, though it's good to sew then. Glad to see you posting again. I missed you.