Friday, April 25, 2014

Back. Again.

Hi guys, it's me!

Let's talk about sewing!! It's almost been 1,5 year since I showed you something. Waaaay too long! I have been sewing but just didn't feel like blogging. I want to pick that up because it was always good fun and God knows I need some fun in my life right now. And I would lie if I said that I don't have the time for it.

Let's start the next phase of this journey with a green cardigan. It's still early days as you can tell:

Years ago I used this pattern to sew a jacket in a boucle-fabric and I wanted to use it again. This time the fabric is much thinner (cotton with just a bit of stretch). It's gonna be somewhat of a challenge to make it look and fit nice again. I hope it will work out in the end. My body changed through the years and adjustments here and there are required. The biggest change is a full-bust-adjustment (FBA). I'm so proud for figuring out how to do that. Besides that I lengthened the pattern 3 cm in the waist. These days a standard adjustment for me.


Wow.....feels great to be - sort of - back.
Talk to you soon. And this time, my sewing friends, that's a promise!



hilde said...

Good to see you back, although I'm sorry you're not in the best place right now. Good luck with the job hunt!!

mem said...

It's good you are back . I so sorry that you are going through such a tough time . My FIL changed his career at 50 yoa and retired at 80 so chin up and trust that something will come along , until the back to blogging and creativity!!