Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cowl-neck top - how I love thee!

KnipMode - february 2010 / pattern # 19

There's something about this top - that I made for the 3rd time now - that I love very, very much.
I think it's the fact that with minimal effort you get a great result. This top is really super easy to make.
The fabric I used is a knit which holds it shape very well but don't ask me which fibers it's made of. I bought this on the fabric-market and I always forget to ask. When buying via internet at least you have that information.
The fit is a bit snug. If I were to make this again in the near future than I would make some alterations for that.  But it's alright to wear as it is. I wore it already to our company's Christmas-lunch yesterday. Good thing I remembered to take a picture afterwards so I could blog about it, or else this post was post-poned just like all the other ones. Sigh.....

Like I said, I made this for the third time. You can see the other versions here and here.

I am a bit out of ideas for sewing. There has been no fabric-purchase to get me through the Christmas holiday either. So I will have to go through my (tiny) stash of fabric and my magazines to see what will be next on the sewing list.

Wishing all of you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a healthy and safe 2013, filled with lots of sewing!


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