Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fun little project

Hi everyone!!!

Wow, it has taken me (too) long to get back on this blog. There's no particular reason why I have been away, but it's just that the longer you stay away, the less you feel the urge to come back. At least, that's how it works for me.
It had nothing to do with a lack of ambition to sew. On the contrary. I must have sewn 6 or 7 items in the meantime. I think I'll just pick up where I am now, and maybe save blogging about those items for times when my 'sew-news-flashes' are more scarce. To fill in the gaps, so to speak.

Right now, I just finished a fun little project this morning. The project itself is fun but the process was not! My sewing- and lockmachine are really starting to show signs of fatigue. I guess it's time to take them in for service.
It's just not fun when you are in the middle of a full-automatic buttonhole and the machine just freezes. Gone is the automatic program, out comes the seam-ripper. And if you have to do that like 6 times in a row you can say that  a: I have a lot of perseverance and  b: There's something wrong with that machine.
The amount of fun in sewing is very much depending on the reliability of the machine you're using. Don't think I'll have to convince you about this, right?

Anyway, the fun little project. Here it is:

Bit weard.....without hands...                           
but great coverage of the back.                          

KnipMode february 2010

It was love at first sight back in 2010.
This is so easy to make that there isn't even a pattern, but only a description to cut out one large rectangle for the bodice, and 2 smaller rectangles for the sleeves.
All you have to do is fold the large square in half, sew the side-seams, up to the armholes.
Sew the seams of the sleeves. Set in the sleeves. Hem the whole lot and...tadaaa...finished.
The line-drawing is not right by the way. It shows a seam on the backside and two seams (front and back) on the sleeves, but there are only side seams (which you see in the front) and one seam on the sleeves (which you see in the front as well).
Another thing I'm a bit gutted about is that the sleeves in the magazine-picture look much narrower than they do when you follow the instructions. (Like I did).
I could change this very easily if I make it the next time around. But that's not gonna happen soon.
(If anyone wants clearer instructions, just let me know in a comment.)

I have a few more projects planned, so stay tuned if you wanna see more.

Have a great weekend everyone, and for those still suffering the consequenses of Sandy, I hope things will change for the better very soon!


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