Saturday, June 2, 2012

New fabric, new project, and a bit of 'What the ***!?!'

First of all, thank you everyone who left a comment on my latest post. As always I'm very grateful for the fact that people (you!) take the time to read my blog and even react on it. And a big thank you to Hilde for offering to use her scans of KnipMode via 4Shared. That's gonna save me a lot of time!

And now, as promised I want to show you my newly bought pieces of fabric. Only 3. I'm not a hoarder and am trying to go back to my initial way of working, which is choosing a project and thèn buy fabric. Not the other way around. This just works best for me.

I am in love with all three of them (heart jumps happily up and down in chest..)

The baby-bleu on the left is a fleece with a very soft inside.
The stripes are a polyester-viscose jersey. This colourcombination is actually quite a bit out of my comfortzone, but I chose this fabric just for that reason. Gotta try something new once in a while.
The most beautiful is the cobalt blue. It's a cotton with stretch and a nice shiny (but not too shiny) surface.
Like I said, I already have plans for all of them and even started to sew with one of them.

This is what I'm working on at the moment with the blue fleece:

KnipMode 2010-08 / 19b

I started yesterday and was very motivated. First I traced and cut out the pattern on paper. There were still some other paper patterns lying around that I had not yet put away. When I was ready to pin the patterns on the fabric  I reached for the first peace, when my eye spotted two pieces that looked exactly the same, namely these two:

There was some suspicion rising in the back of my mind and I searched through the pieces and found that I had all of them already cut out before! Last week!! (I know this because I decided to use this pattern just before I bought the fabric). Why didn't I remember?!! And that's why there's a bit of 'What the ***' in my title. You know what's really silly? I stíll can't remember I traced and cut the whole damn thing. Total amnesia.

Anyway, I laughed it off and continued. It's really coming together the way I want it. Pictures will follow soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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