Friday, March 30, 2012

A trip down Vogue-memory lane

When I was young, let's say 16 years of age, I didn't exactly lead a glamourous, interesting and exciting life. Not that I was longing for such a life, but in my head I liked dreaming about it.
When I was even a bit younger, let's say 12 years of age, I remember my mother had some old 'Libelle's' (a Dutch women's magazine) in the house. They were from the 50's or thereabout. Those magazines were the start of my interest in fashion. Those women looked só stylish and feminine, which was a huge contrast to the fashion of those days: punk and disco. (We're talking 1978 here).
One of the first things I sewed was a pencil-skirt way below my knees, inspired by that style. Quite different from what the other girls wore, but I felt very confident in it.

With that interest came the fun of sketching and designing. With the bold 80's around the corner, it was just more fuel on the fire. I loved designing so much that I wanted to become a fashiondesigner. A few years I played with the idea of going to artschool, but once the time came to decide what I would do after high school, I shied away and decided (as I always like to say: "on a rainy tuesday afternoon") that I would follow a secretary-course instead. In those days that was almost a secure, one-way ticket to a well paid job and and therefore a more stable financial future. And so I did. A decision I have never regretted, by the way.

But the love for fashion, sewing and designing stayed. And the need to dream. One day I decided to buy a Vogue-magazine. This was really a huge thing for me. (And rather expensive!). I thought I stepped into another world. I think you can say that I was pretty much influenced by it. I even tried to copy things to my own life. I bought more Vogue magazine's in my life and I still have them all. But this is that famous first one, it is the 1983-March issue (and it looks terribly used up by the way..):

When I glance through it now, what strikes me most is that I can feel how much I absorbed those pictures back then. Like I was analysing them, top to bottom. With a lot of pictures that feeling is very strong, like this one:
Yves-Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

This  picture sort of comprices everything I felt and thought about fashion in those days. I wanted to bé that picuture.  And I still love it so much. Funny thing is: you could wear this tomorrow and noone would notice it's from 1983.

And now, many, many years later I still buy fashion magazines. I probably dream a little less, but I still enjoy reading them. And this is my latest buy:

The very,very first Dutch Vogue. HOW COULD I NÓT BUY THIS!!
But still, If you ask me in twenty years about this issue, I probably won't remember it.

So there you have it: my first and my last Vogue magazine.
I'm even considering to get a subscription.
Hmm...have to think about that one.

Have a great fashionable weekend everyone!!!


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