Friday, January 20, 2012

Moving on with KnipMode 09/2000-13 Cardigan

Thank you soooo much, everyone of you who left a nice and very encouraging comment on my last post. I felt like I opened a window by posting about my blogging-troubles and was finally able to look outside, but it felt even more like I finally let you look inside. Sometimes it's good to ventilate what you're going through, because there will always be people kind enough to lend a 'helping hand'. And your comments were helpful and proof of the fact that there áre people out there enjoying my writing. You sometimes forget that. Which is kind of strange because I myself read and enjoy so many blogs you all are writing.

So one more time an heartfelt: Thank You!

Now, moving on to the sewing:

This was truly an easy job which is not surprising as it's an easy pattern.
The fabric was great to work with. I did a bit of handwork on the ties that go around the front and the neckline but otherwise this was sewn in no time. Most of it on the serger.

I'm glad I decided to put in the darts in the back and to take in the sideseams a bit. This gave the effect I was looking for. Otherwise it would be hanging to loose which makes it look rather unflattering. I like to emphasize my waist (or what's left of it...)

Blogger....what the he**!!
I don't know what happened to Blogger recently but things have changed and not for the better. When I'm typing my post I can import pictures but they are translated to 'html'. And once I've done that, I don't see how I can replace my picture to the left, centre or right side of the page. Or how to make the picture bigger or smaller. (The first picture in this post is actually the largest I can get, which is way too small for my taste).
There is an 'html' button at the top but it does nothing when I click on it.
I've been checking and trying out all the options Blogger gives you, but with no effect.

Owwww...this is really bugging me. I just want to see what I'm doing when I'm constructing my blogpost. Not a load of computer-language!

Does anyone have any suggestions how to solve this? It would be highly appreciated.


KID, MD said...

I love this sweater! It reminds me a little of the Jalie scarf collar top, which is one of my favorites. I also really enjoy coming by your blog, although thanks to Google reader and my iPhone I don't comment as often as I should. In Blogger, try clicking the "Compose" button, just to the left of the one that says HTML. For me, that switches it back to the regular non-HTML view. I hope it works for you!

Aminat said...

Your sweater is really nice...

Baking Soda said...

Als je in je "werkscherm" met je muis op de foto gaat staan zie je dan onder niet zo'n lichtblauw balkje komen waar je kunt kiezen uit links rechts, gecentreerd en verschillende maten? (wat je anders eens zou kunnen proberen is windows live writer; gratis te downloaden en het werkt zo makkelijk! (prettiger dan Blogger) je schrijft je posts plus fotos daar en wanneer je publiceert staan ze ook in Blogger