Saturday, May 7, 2011

KnipMode 07/2008 - 18 Blouse

The plan was to make a skirt but when I laid my eyes on this pattern while flickering through some older magazines, I just couldn't resist. I had the perfect fabric for this in my stash with a perfect (sort of) African print that's so hot right now. The fabric is superthin which is required for this pattern as there is a lot of draping going on in the front. Let me show you the line-drawing to make this clear:

The collar is a rectangular piece, or actually 2, sewn together at the back of the neck, It looks like it's folded to the inside but that's not the instruction. So you have the complete width of the rectangular to work with. (I actually made it less wide as I didn't want too much of fabric in the front but there's still enough to drape and look like it's supposed to look.

This was sewn in no time. And it's really a very simple pattern. 

If you would consider making this blouse I really recommend to use a thin fabric and choose the width of the collar to your liking. (I made it 34 cm wide). You don't want to end up with too much fabric in the front.

The print of the fabric has lighter and darker patches so I had to think carefully how to work with them. I chose to use a darker colour at the shoulders and (mini)sleeves and the lighter part at the waist and bottom. The scarf was meant to contrast with that (dark next to light and vice versa) but that only worked at some parts. The drawstring is also made from the fabric. 2 little holes are left in the seams between frontpiece and collarpiece to pull it through. (Again, if you want to make this: make sure you keep the holes as little as possible so they don't show when you tie up the drawstring).

Anyway, I like it very much. It's a very light summery blouse. Just what we need right now!

(And sorry for the wrinkles in the picture. I had worn this top to do some shopping and had to drive a hot car with no airconditioning. Yes, I feel sorry for my self to).

As for the fingers. It's all healing very quickly and there's no pain when used normally and within it's boundaries). If it has been successful? I'll have to wait and see. Fysio has started again. 3 times a week and lots of practising at home. Monday I have an appointment with the surgeon and then I will hear more. I suppose he will be able to tell if it has been succesful or not. But to be honest, I'm pretty nervous about that.

In the meantime, I'll still be able to sew. And that's a blessing!
Talk to you next time.




KID, MD said...

So pretty! Te design is lovely and I think the fabric is perfect. Your placement of the print is very flattering. Great way to get back in the game!! I'm glad your hand is healing well.

gwensews said...

That's a terrific blouse. Very stylish and the color is fabulous. Continued health to you.

Sigrid said...

Great combination of pattern and fabric. Looks very good on you.

Fijn dat je vingers zo goed herstellen.

Audrey said...

It is a beautiful blouse. The extra time you took to plan the color placement and do the fussy cutting was certainly worth it.

Gail said...

Very interesting fabric used to great effect.

Eugenia said...

That's a very glamorous top, especially considering that it was so quick to make. I love the drape at the front and the colours are beautiful. Hope your hand is much better very soon.

Isabelle said...

What a fabulous blouse! Love the fabric and the colour.

Mcreader said...

Where can I buy the pattern from?