Friday, April 15, 2011

Buying fabric (and still searching for a shop where they sell time..)

Hello again!

Boy, this is not why I started this blog. Not writing any posts for about a month. And not only that. Not Séwing For a Month. That's even worse, don't you think?!
Reason? Let me tell you in one word:  work. It has been insane, not healthy and mind-boggling at times. But it should all take a turn for the better.

This is not how I planned it. I wanted to do a lot of sewing for spring and summer but I haven't even started yet. And it still will take a few weeks before I will be able to start a new project because I'm gonna have surgery on my fingers again. As some of you know I injured myself in may 2010 and had two broken fingers which were operated. In december 2010 I was told that the movement of the fingers hadn't returned as it should have, and that that was probably (big chance actually) caused by the tendons who got stuck.  I was given the choice to operate or not. It took me quite some time to decide but after a few talks in the hospital and with the people around me, I decided to go for it. One of the biggest reasons for me is that I feel there's a bit of strength-loss in my hand. And I still have difficulties picking up little things. tuesday will be the day and I'm starting to get nervous a bit. It's actually a minor operation but still...

This doesn't mean I haven't been thinking of sewing. I kept up with reading all the blogs and LOVED them. So much inspiration and so many beautiful things are made by you all.
The new KnipMode is gorgeous (again!) and Burda still sucks...(sorry for that but it just does imo).
I've been browsing my favourite fabric-websites to keep up with all the new goodies and have tons of plans in my head. A few weeks ago I managed to squeeze in a shoppingday in Antwerp and I bought these two lovely pieces of jersey:

If they behave just as well as the other pieces I bought there, then they're my little friends already. Great fabric that is. After many times of wearing and washing it still looks like new.

These pieces keep me dreaming of better sewing-times. And those times will come!
But for now, I'm signing off again. Maybe a litte post to let you know how the surgery went.

You keep safe and sewing!!


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