Sunday, March 6, 2011

KnipMode 03/2008 - 8 Jersey Tunic

Hi everyone. Sorry for being so quiet on my blog lately. It's just that work has been eating away at my free time and energy. But it seems like it's slowing down a bit and that means that I'll be able to get some sewing done. Yesterday I started and finished this project. Talking about 'instant satisfaction'!! Boy, this was just what I needed.

It's a tunic that I loved from the moment I received the Knipmode that contained this pattern. But I was a bit hesitant about the shape and waited exactly 3 years to make it. And now I'm glad I did. It's not close-fitting but I guess that's what tunics are about. It's very pretty though. At least, I think so.

For the detail-lovers, this is the linedrawing:

I lengthened the top-part with 3 cm. But I think I could have done without that.

I just lóve the 3/4-sleeves. They're close-fitting at the top, but wide at the bottom with a piece of elastic in the seam.

While I was not sewing, I wás being busy making plans. Actually, I wanted to make a Chanel-like jacket. I had this lovely fabric in my stash. When I washed it, it wasn't that lovely anymore. It was like the fibers were glued together before washing and now were all over the place. So I cut off a piece to test the firmness and this is what I got with the brush of just one finger:

Now, call me a sewing-coward, but there's absolutely NO WAY that I'm gonna work with something like this.
It was very cheap (probably the reason for this problem) so it's not a heartbreaking goodbye.

I don't have any new plans ready at the moment. Maybe black trousers, maybe a striped shirt... Or maybe something else.
But when I decide on a new project, you'll be the first to know!!

Till next time.



Gail said...

Very cute tunic. Pity about your tweed fabric - not worth sewing but still I hate throwing anything out.

gwensews said...

That IS a pretty tunic. I bet it felt good to get back to sewing. As for your "fall apart" fabric, the only thing you can do with a fabric like that is stabilize the entire piece with a light fusible before cutting.

KID, MD said...

Very pretty tunic! The line drawing is a little blah, but yours is just lovely.

Eugenia said...

I love the fabulous colours and the print of the fabric you have used for the tunic - it makes a relatively simple style look something really special! You did the right thing in throwing out the tricky tweed - sewing is challenging enough without having a fabric that is going to disintegrate before your eyes!