Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fashion is all around me

It's a fashion-filled fun day, today.

1. I received the fabric I ordered.
2. I received KnipMode. (ok, that was yesterday, but who cares...)
3. I discovered a fantastic jersey online-shopping website
4. I finally sewed an underskirt.
5. I traced the pattern for my next project
6. Tonight on TV: "The September Issue"
7. Tonight on TV: "Gosford Park"

1. To start with the fabric:

These are the fabrics for my next projects.
The grey and the darkgreen are gabardines with a bit of stretch, destined to be turned into skirts. The beige/creme stripe is a jersey-knit for a top. I had already washed (preshrinked) them when I remembered I wanted to blog about them, so you are looking at dripping-wet fabric here. 

2. KnipMode October 2010 landed in my mailbox yesterday. To me, it's not as great as the september-issue, but it has some nice pieces. I like the vibrant colours that are in fashion now. It's actually a very, very interesting fall-fashion I'm seeing around me. I love to plan ahead (=dream) and think of everything I'm gonna make and perhaps buy. But I don't think I'll end up with a wardrobe full of bright colours. That's just not me. There's no harm in dreaming though.

3. This time, KnipMode had an extra issue of 16 fall-patterns. All made with fabric from a certain brand. I looked for this brand on the internet and stumbled upon a great website: . (Look for stoffen to search for fabric).
Boy, oh boy, oh boy. If this ain't fabric-heaven! If ever I will be looking for a great jersey (and don't mind the fact that it's a bit more expensive), I'll know where to find it. Sigh....

4. Back in june I sewed a linen skirt which was rather see-through. I decided to make a little underskirt that could be used for other skirts or dresses as well. Today I finally tackled it. It's really not interesting enough to show you a picture or a how-to-make-it. Just very simple: fabric and elastic.
I tried it on with the linen skirt and discovered to my horror that the skirt, which had a perfect fit in june, has now become too narrow. (not due to the underskirt). Grrrrr......I REALLY need to go on a diet now!!!

5. Next project for which I traced and cut the pattern today: KnipMode sept 2010 / 9b:

You see a lot of these draped shoulders and I like them very much. Not sure though how they will turn out in the end. I'm actually preparing myself for a wadder to be honest, but I'll give it my very best and then we'll see.
I just háve to try them, that's all.
The fabric will be the striped jersey you see in the picture above.

6. Yoohooo!! "The September Issue" is on tonight. I'm gonna watch it and record it at the same time. I expect I want to see this one again, and again.

7. And why do I mention "Gosford Park" as part of this fashion-infused day? Well, I haven't seen the movie before but the pictures promise gorgeous fashion. It's situated in the '30's and it's about uber-chic people.
Not to mention it's a star-studded film, full of beautiful people and great actors. Eye candy, baby!
Oh, and if I'm informed correctly there's also a story involved..(whahahaa....).

Well, that's enough fashion for one day. If everything goes to plan I'll start on my top tomorrow.
Next time I'll give you an update and maybe even a finished top.



Sigrid said...

had nog niet gereageerd, na het lezen van "the september issue is on tonight" ben ik gelijk de dvd gaan instellen! Nog geen tijd gehad om te kijken, maar heeft geen haast.
Ik heb al verschillende keren bij jerseyfashion besteld, kan niet anders zeggen dan dat de kwaliteit de hogere prijs zeker goed maakt. Mijn zwarte t-shirt is nog steeds mooi en zwart, en mijn zomer t-shirts (ergens in mei/juni gemaakt) blijven ook perfect van kleur en houden goed vorm. Een aanrader (maar ik kijk maar niet te vaak op de site).

Melissa Fehr Trade said...

ooh I'm very excited to see how that draped-sleeve teeshirt from the Sept Knip turn out. I really liked that on the model and it's on my list for post-wedding sewing.