Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blouse-jacket finished

Et voilá:  the blouse-jacket, nr. 10 from KnipMode June/2010 

Between the heavy rainshowers I was able to take a picture outside. The light indoors is really bad at the moment and my camera has a lot of trouble with it. So I'm glad there was a dry moment because the outside pictures are much clearer. The hem looks uneven but that's the effect of the wind blowing up one side.

I kind of like it. I'm not over the moon about it. It's less fitted than I expected it to be. It needs a belt I think. Or not. What do you think?

I'm strongly leaning toward a tie-belt in the same fabric. In that way you can make the jacket more fitted without emphasizing the waist too much.
There is not much waist at the moment. 3 more days and the 'normal' weekroutine returns. Usually I loose the extra vacationpounds in a couple of weeks. 

Anyway, back to the jacket. I believe it could also do with a pair of shoulderpads. Just small ones.

I chose in the end to sew only 1 button on each sleeve, and not 2 as the magazine prescribes. I didn't see the sense of 2 and thought it would be a bit too much.

If I remember correctly I promised you to tell about the check-up at the orthopedist last tuesday.
Well, he was very content with how the fingers looked like and with the level of movement.
He wants to see me once more in about 4 months time and then, he thinks, the check-ups can end. I should continue with fysio because he expects it's undoable to do it on my own. THAT'S MY GUY!! Just as I hoped. Altough I do hope also that 4 full months of fysio won't be necessary and that there will be enough improvement before that.

By-the-way, a few nights ago I dreamt I had full movement again. It was insane and weird and wonderful. Then I woke up.... ah well, that's life.

New plans?
So, what's next on my sewing list. Uhmm......not much. I don't have any real plans at the moment. Somewhere in the back of my mind the idea is growing to make another SWAP, fall-inspired this time. I'm still thinking about the colours but I can't seem to make up my mind. Maybe this plan has to ripen a bit more.

I bought the september-Burda last weekend and I saw a few things that I really liked. I already mentionned earlier that the september-issue of KnipMode was very inspiring too. So interesting patterns are not the problem.  Just a plan. That's what's lacking at the moment.
I'll clean up the sewingroom because that always helps to clear my sewing-mind and come up with something.

More news on that the next time.



Kathy said...

Lillian, you did a fantastic job on the detail work.

I like it without the belt, but that's me.

Eugenia said...

I am so impressed with your beautiful blouse jacket!!! Your construction work is so perfectly done and all the details make it look very special. I think that a matching tie-belt will look very nice. I am so glad that your hand is healing well.

Gail said...

It's nicely done. I prefer it worn belted, but it works either way.

Sigrid said...

Mooi blouse Lilian, (dat je nog een droog moment gevonden hebt gistern om te fotograferen!). goed te horen dat je vingers langzaam, maar toch beter worden.

gwensews said...

I think whether it's a jacket or blouse, it looks terrific. If you want it more fitted though, you could put in a couple of vertical waistline darts, front and back.

Digs said...

Beautiful! Love the pocket details, and the fabric you chose.