Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New sewing-plans, coming soon in your theatre...

Just a short message to let you know I'm still here.
Sewing has been slow, or should I say non-existing?
The reason? I think the hot weather we've been experiencing lately has a lot to do with it. And being tired all the time. Last weekend, during 3 days, I think I slept 50% of the (day!)time. But it did me good so I don't see it as waisted time.

Anyway, new plans are on the way. I'm not aiming too high after this short sewing-break. It will be a simple, summery-dress. I've got to make a fast move or else there won't be any time left to enjoy any new summerclothes. It feels like fall is just around the corner. I get that feeling too when I read all your blogs. There's already a lot of fall-planning going on, and I must say: I LIKE THAT A LOT. I love summer but when it comes to clothes I just love the transition from thin, frilly clothes to the more dressy style of autumn-clothes. All in due time....

And as for a short update on my fingers, it's not going as well as I had hoped. Fysio has helped me to move (bend and stretch) my fingers a bit more, but the last few weeks it feels like they become sore and very sensitive with all this bending and stretching, which makes it more difficult to do so. I even lost some of the movement I had gained and that's the most disappointing thing.
It's actually quite frustrating at the moment. I'm still having fysio and mid-august I (still) have (to make) a check-up appointment in the hospital, so we'll see how things are going then. Hopefully a bit better.

O..and if anyone's interested, Holland lost the finals to Spain. Well, that's life eh. Now let's move on.

In a few days I'll show you a picture of my dress-to-be and the fabric I'm gonna use for it. I really want to catch up on sewing and blogging because I've been a lazy bone lately. But I'm sure I had my (unclear) reasons for that so I hope you will forgive me  ;-)

Talk to you again soon!


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