Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's final(s)

(non-sewing topic, sorry, feel free to skip)

Ok. That's decided. Holland will play in the finals of the World-championship Soccer, after a 3-2 win against Uruguay this evening.

Now, let me tell you...... these are NOT my colleagues.

But they COULD BE my colleagues.

You have no idea how full the air was with nerves and stress in the office today. 
You have no idea how crazy a soccer-loving-nation can get.
You have nĂ³ idea. Or you must be a real soccer-loving person yourself.

Which I'm not. But I'll smile along happily.

But still. Well done guys!! I don't know much about football (as we call it) but I think you are a great, great team and you deserve to be in the finals.
And sunday-evening......we will know.


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Gail said...

Pussycats or alley toms?