Saturday, July 3, 2010

Flouncy Top (KnipMode/may 2010 - 7b)

I had my eye on this pattern for quite some time. Then things were put on hold (as you may know by now). But it seems I'm back in the game!
It turned out just like I hoped. It's a fairly easy pattern and it should be a quick project but I always manage to mess things up. But I took my time to correct my mistakes and I'm glad I did because this top has turned out quite beautiful.
The flouncy sleeves give it a bit of a chic feel.
This is the linedrawing. I opted for the b-version oviously:

Here are some detail-pics. (Excuses for the fold-lines in the fabric. I hadn't ironed it yet when I took this pictures).

I had to make an alteration to the neckline. The original pattern is way to wide for my not-so-broad shoulders. That meant I had to change the flounce as well at the point where it's fastened to the neckline.
For that I first drew the original line of the flounce-neckline. Then I placed the front- and backpiece of the top with the new neckline, on the drawing of the flounce and changed the lines of the flounce accordingly.

The curved line at the bottom is the original neckline, at the top I drew the new (front and back) neckline. As you can see the lines don't meet in the middle. Which is quite logical as I narrowed the width of the neckline. To solve that I folded the pattern to remove the surplus and make the two lines meet again. It worked perfectly.

Ending one project means there's room for new plans. I'm not sure yet what I'll be making next.
I received the new KnipMode (the august-issue) yesterday and it has quite some cute patterns. But then there are so many old Burda's and KnipModes to choose from, I just haven't decided yet.

Next time, I'm sure I'll be updating you on new plans or maybe even some project in progress. We'll see.



gwensews said...

What a cute top! It's unique, different. And, it looks great on you.

rosemarie said...

It's great that you got your sewing mojo back. I hope your hand is healing well. Nice job on the pattern alteration - the top looks great on you!

Eugenia said...

Gorgeous!!! I love those clever flounces, what a great style - you look really lovely in that outfit.

Anonymous said...

I think you look great in this. It's a really modern color!

Sigrid said...

Lovely, I had my eye on this one too, thanks for the heads up on the neckline. Looks great on you.

Penny said...

Not that you need it, but it looks so slimming, with the soft detail at the upper portion tapering to the simple part at the waist. I love your stuff!

melissa said...

ooh! I love this on you - way more than the magazine photo. I've been contemplating this pattern since I saw a similar dress in a Manequim magazine, only they just had the ruffles on one side. Either way, I've definitely got to move this up my To Sew list!

Lina said...

So lovely and unique!!You look perfect.

Kathi said...

The top looks great on you - very cute!
I am totally jealous, I really want to try Knip Mode. It isn't as easy to get here in the US, though. I want to try some of the other European magazines as well. I have found that Burda fits me so much better and is so much more consistent with sizing.