Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunny Sunday in Volendam (picture-heavy)

Sunday I took a trip with a friend and her husband to Volendam. A little town in the Netherlands which is known abroad for its local costumes and folklore. But known in the Netherlands mainly for the neverending list of musicians, singers and groups that originate from this town.
Anyway, they are known (and famous) mostly in our country.

It was a very sunny and warm day but since Volendam is a port-town there's always a nice sea-breeze to cool it down a bit. And I used a great (new) sunblock-cream. No red skin on my body!! Which is a good (and healthy) thing.

Only once a year they have a weekend with special Volendam Celebrations. We didn't know it was held this weekend, so we were very lucky. It meant much more costumes on the street then on other days, lovely live music, choirs and lots of other festivities. Of course I took pictures. 

Here's an impression:

Typical houses

Want a boat? Anyone??

View from the terrace where we had our (first) coffee.

Getting ready to perform in a choir.

Sun, see and a tiny bit of sand.

Just like a post-card.

The IJsselmeer (IJssel-lake)

3 guys. Doing nothing. Just looking to their right.

Houses, just behind the dike.

Posing for the camera.

Choir, performing.

After we finished our visit to Volendam we made a short visit to Edam. A town which lies only a few kilometres away. It has a more historical towncentre and is very beautiful. We didn't stay long there. Just long enough for a short walk and a drink.

2 x Edam

My friend. Mistaking an Edammer Cheese for a bowling-ball..

Parting shot:  

(Parked car).  Confident driver, dare-devil? Or just not aware of the fact that his car is about to be baptized?

We had a fun day!! 
I was very, very tired at the end but it was definitely worth it.

And how about sewing??
At the moment it's really too hot to do any sewing so I don't have any updates I'm afraid. Plans? Yes. But nothing yet to show for it.
So for the time being I'm filling this blog with other summery stuff but don't worry. I'll be back!



rosemarie said...

Lilian - funny that I should stumble unto your blog and see Volendam. I was in Volendam many years ago. It's beautiful there!

melissa said...

Aahh! We had to leave our barge in Voldendam a few years ago when the weather turned ugly and we couldn't sail her over to London as we'd planned. So I saw a very different Voldendam in February, but it's still such a pretty little town.

And funny you mention Edam, too, as I visited there on my first trip to The Netherlands as a student. We had the quintessential Dutch experience - we rented cycles and rode along dykes past windmills to an Edam cheese factory, then went to a wooden shoe making shop!

Eugenia said...

Wow, Lilian. Volendam is so beautiful - you make me want to leap on a train and go there right now!!! Sounds like you had a really fun day.