Monday, May 3, 2010

SWAP-piece #3 finished: Burda blouse (a.k.a. troublemaker)

And some more detail shots:

Ooops !!            

I'm glad this troublemaker is finished. Yes, I'm afraid to say that it was not much fun to make this blouse. While sewing it there were so many issues that I even don't know where to begin. But the major problem is that the stitches are pulling. I don't know where the problem lies. I tried to use a looser stitch on my machine but it still produced wonky seams, while the stitches in the back were almost loopy.

Ironing it didn't do it any good either. Result: more wonky seams. You think I'm exaggerating? Then take a look at the next picture. Ok, it's made with the most unflattering light possible, and the effect in normal light is quite different as you can see in the previous pictures, but for a freaky perfectionist like me, this is heartbreaking.

At one point, I was sewing the collar with stand on, and I had to redo certain parts again and again, I was só frustrated I threw my blouse on the table, left my sewing-room in a tantrum, and while descending the stairs I really wondered why the hell I sew. Why not just buy nice things, ready made, and just look beautiful without all the hassle. Why-O-Why???

After about 15 minutes this mood started to fade away and I was already beginning to think about solutions for the problems that were occurring.

Don't we just bounce back like nothing else eh ??!!

Don't get me wrong about the blouse itself. I love it and there's a big chance I'll be making it again in another fabric, but I first have to solve the stitch-problem!!
Now it's finished it looks ok and I'm really pleased with it. It is a rather shine-through fabric so I will have to wear something like a little camisole or something underneath. But that's a problem that can be fixed.

Having survived this ordeal, I think I deserve some time off from sewing.
I'm gonna make myself a nice cup of coffee now and hide under a blanket on the sofa with a nice book.

See y'all again soon.


P.S.   I got a tip, maybe you can use it:
When you are topstitching close to the side and you have to turn a corner, sometimes the fabric won't move, which causes bad stitching in the corner.
If you pull a piece of thread through the fabric at the corner, you can use that to pull the fabric while you stitch. Here are three pictures to show you what I mean:

Pull thread through corner                   

When turned around the corner, help to make the fabric
transport by pulling the thread to the back



KID, MD said...

Beautiful blouse and great tip!! I hate when the corner ends up all bunchy! My vintage machine is particularly prone to that. It's the only thing I don't love about that machine!

Kathy said...

It turned out beautiful...looks like a perfect summer blouse...I love it! Thanks for that tip too...

Eugenia said...

Great sewing tip. I've never come across that idea before - it sounds like an excellent solution. I love your new blouse - a crisp white blouse is always a wonderful thing to have in the wardrobe. I am sorry yours gave you some trouble - but the end result really does look lovely.

Gail said...

The blouse came out well in the end. I'm having a bit of a love/hate relationship with Burda at the moment too. Great tip for topstitching the collar.

gwensews said...

That's a great shirt, despite the stitch problems. It sounds like a tension issue. Hope you solve it, and post what the trouble was.

WeLoveSewing said...

I used to work in a garment factory in the Philippines and we once had a seminar on puckering by Guetermann. The problem is not only tension but could be caused by too big a needle. When a thick needle passes through a fabric, it pushes the fibers of the fabric aside causing puckering. The more often the needle has to pass through a fabric, the more puckering you get, so smaller stitches or double rows of top stitching can cause more puckering especially on densely woven fabrics.