Saturday, April 3, 2010

SWAP-piece #1 in progress: Burda Knit Top

The four pieces of my mini-SWAP are finally getting their place in the sun. Starting with the knit top. Next I'll show you some pictures of the sewing progress. It's nearly finished. I only have to put in the sleeves so I guess another half hour and it'll be a wrap. But since there'll be no more sewing today and I just hád to blog (where did the weekdays go? why didn't I have time to blog then?) I couldn't wait for the sleeves. Anyway, it's fun to see not only the finished garment but also the steps of getting there. At least that's what I think.

This is the stage where I put the pleats in place and basted them. And the facing is attached, going all the way around. From the waist down there are 3 layers of fabric. (Do you recognise the Burda? 10/2008. It is one of the better ones in my collection and it contains the pattern for this top).

This fabric is quite thick. I wanted to avoid bulkiness at the frontseam, as there are two layers of fabric in the front. So I left the sideseams open at the end, I cut off 4 cm. (see the white markings) of the inner frontlayer and then finished the sideseams.
After that I hemmed the top by folding the frontlayer 3 cm. over the innerlayer, which layer now lays flat in the hem. The result is just what I was going for. Can you believe I figured this out all by myself? Wow, I'm learning as I go.

This is as far as I've gotten until now. It fits great, so in anticipation of the finished garment, I'm already very, very happy with this top.

The patternpiece of the front is cut out off grain. Probably to make the effect of the pleats more 'flowy'. In this picture you can see just how off grain it is.

If only the pictures would show you the right colour. It's so hard to get it right. So I kept taking photographs until I nailed it. And of course the most rubbish picture does it best. So just for the sake of the right colour and don't mind the mess: the scratches of fabric in the following picture are exactly right, colourwise. Quite different from the lightblue of the previous photo right?

That's it for now.

I wish you all a happy Easter and I'll be back with more of my SWAP soon.



gwensews said...

Great top! I love the color.

Eugenia said...

This top is coming along so nicely. I love that style - the pleated crossover is really nice and that blue is lovely.

Kathi said...

I cannot believe how different the colors are in the pictures!! It is going to be a lovely top!! It would also be cute sleeveless.
Hope you were able to put in the sleeves. I have had so little sewing time lately. (Or blogging time!) I plan to finish up a purse today. It shouldn't take me long. We have the day off. Have to pay some attention to the boys also, though!!