Sunday, April 11, 2010

SWAP-piece #1 finished

Today I finished the first piece of my mini-swap.

Although I tried it on during the sewing-proces when the fit was just fine, today when I checked the fit it felt like a bag around my body. I didn't understand. This is a TNT for me and the 2 previous tops I made fit alright. I blamed the fabric for it's a bit sturdier than the viscose-jersey the 2 other tops are made of. But then I saw what had happened...or rather, what hadn't happened. I totally forgot to sew darts in the backpiece. Oh dear! I was glad I found out what the problem was and after adding the darts the fit is great.

When I finish all four pieces I'll show you the outfits in a more polished way.

Next up?
Skirt - Burda 04/2006-103
In this fabric:

And now, for some (much needed!!!) relaxation:

Parting shot:

I emptied this basket yesterday and His Royal Laziness didn't take a minute to jump in it and try it out.
I know cats have flexible bones but if you could see how he's rolled up like a little sausage I don't understand how he can be comfortable. Most of the time at least 2 legs are sticking out because there's not enough room in the basket. But he is enjoying it, I guess. He's lying in it at this very moment and it doesn't look like he's planning on leaving soon.

Bye for now, hope to talk to you again soon.



KID, MD said...

Very nice fit on you - and the cat! I don't know how they get into the darndest places! He looks like a good mascot.

Kathi said...

Well, I am glad you figured out the problem and that it was one you could fix!