Monday, January 4, 2010

New year, new plans.

Can I say I'm glad things are starting to go back to normal? The end of the year festivities certainly put a hold on my sewing and I'm glad I can get back into gear to start with all the things I have planned.

And these are my plans for the near future. In the order in which I have planned to make them. (Sorry for the sometimes crappy layout).

1. Blouse / KnipMode 1998-12-23.

I love this blouse for its slim fit and the way the buttons are fastened: with little loopholes made from the same fabric. I made this one before but I now have to go up 2 sizes. It wás rather small than to be honest.
The green fabric I bought in my local store some time ago. Don't know what kind of fabric it is but it feels soft. It looks a bit like suede and has just enough body for a nice blouse.

2. Bathrobe / Knipmode 2003-12-01

I have been wanting to make one for a long time, and am now also desperately in need of one as the old one starts to get holes in it. Not much to say about the fabric. It's soft-pink, cotton terry-towelling. (I hope that's the right word for it). It's a simple pattern (one dot) so it should be a quick fix.

3. Pyama / Knipmode 2003-12-03 and 04

The fabric is 100% cotton. Quite thin so probably best worn in spring.

4. Dress / KnipMode 2009-06-20
This is a pattern I've been wanting to try since I first layed eyes on it. It was hard to find a fabric I liked. Some time ago I actually purchased fabric with this specific dress in mind, but I'm afraid it's too thick which will ruin the effect of the draped collar. This new fabric seems more up to the job. It's a viscose (96%)/lycra(4%). This kind of fabric never let me down before. I hope that successtory continues with this dress.

Oh, and there are also plans in my head for a skirt, blouse, coat, trousers and a knit top, a.k.a. my mini-SWAP. All of them burda-patterns. More on that later. I'm trying not to bite off more than I can chew.

I'm really looking forward to read about your plans for spring/summer 2010. It's gonna be a great sewing-year don't you think? I can feel it in the air already.



KID, MD said...

Great choices! I especially like that last dress. It has a wonderful shape. I can see why you've wanted to make it!!

Eugenia said...

I love the bathrobe and pajamas - your fabrics will co-ordinate together really nicely for that bedtime outfit! I also love that last dress - the fabric you have picked out for that is beautiful.

Sigrid said...

Nice plans and fabrics. Wish I had a week off still, haven't sewn the past two weeks, and no real sewing time for a few days yet. Work started crazy this year.