Saturday, January 30, 2010

New fabric

After another energy-consuming week I must admit that I only looked at my sewingmachine but I never touched it. I have some things (nothing major) hassling me and I have to get them out of the way first.

But I did however have some time left to buy new fabric! And if there's anything that can make me happy after a so-so week, it's new, gorgeous, fabric.

After finishing the bathrobe I wanted to sew the pyjamas. But there really are other clothes I lack at the moment, especially skirts and trousers, so I decided to rearrange my plans and first sew up a skirt (or two). I really want to loose some weight and I always find that skirts are more forgiving when it comes to fitting when you get thinner. Trousers usually get too big very soon and there's nothing forgiving about that. That's the reason why I haven't sewn trousers in ages......because I'm trying to loose weight for ages now...hahaha... Well, they'll get their moment eventually. And I'm more a skirts-person anyway.

The plan is now to sew up two long, narrow skirts with a slit in the back, and to throw in a top as well. (The latter wasn't planned but when I laid my eyes on some gorgeous jersey.....ah well, you know how it goes).

Now without further ado:

First skirt:
a beautiful petrol-blue boucle. I bought black lining as well to give it more body.
This is gonna combine so well with my new grey shoes ! (To be honest, I had those shoes in the back of my mind when I bought this).

Second skirt:
A classic, black pinstripe. How can you go wrong with this?!!

A fluid, viscose-jersey. I  l-o-v-e  it !! And it combines great with the pinstripe.

Aahh...this was what I needed, something to sooth the sewing-mind. I haven't decided yet which fabric I'll start with. I'm leaning towards the black, but the blue is also interesting. Ah...decisions, decisions.

But I'm a happy girl now.

Hope you all are having a great weekend and wishing you lots of sewing-fun!



Eugenia said...

Oooh wonderful fabric choices. I love the colour of that boucle and, as you say, you definitely can't go wrong with a classic black pinstripe. The viscose jersey will go very well with it - the print is really nice. Have fun making these up!

gwensews said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. I'll be interested to see what you make from those new fabrics. It's cold here in Michigan,
USA. Come over and visit my blog, sometime. Chat with me.

Kathi said...

That boucle is beautiful!! I would start with that, but I just love color!! (Had you guessed that yet?) I got a big box of fabric from's $1.95 sale on Friday. They say we could have 3 - 4 FEET of snow this weekend here in Virginia. That is unreal for this area. If we do, I will send the boys out to make tunnels and I will sit and sew!!!!! I figure I have enough fabric to be snowed in for quite a while!