Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's been a slippery week

I'm treating myself on this:

because of this:

I think they can cope:

And I hope théy can too:

It's bloody cold (pardonnez le mot), and the snow is not falling down but it's blowing horizontal as the wind is quite strong. Which makes it feel ever so cold. I really hope all the animals are coping. I hung some birdfood in the trees but it seems so little to be really helpful.
I did my grocerie-shopping yesterday-evening, as we were warned for this kind of weather. Boy, am I glad I did!! (The weatherconditions in our country are nothing compared to the ones some of you are experiencing right now, but bear in mind that we are not used to extreme conditions here).

I wished these four pictures were pictures about sewing. Well, what can I say? My first week hasn't been very productive.

I'm glad it's over though and I hope the next one will be a bit better.

Why was my week bad?
On monday I had my car checked according to the obligatory vehicle-testing-regulations. It set me back about 650 euros because of repair that was needed.
On wednesday, that same car almost *kissed* another car as I started sliding on an extremely slippery road. My car stopped just a few inches before it hit the other (parked) car. Phewww.....  On thursday, on that same street, they were iceskating. Iceskating!
On friday I heard some bad news (not directly affecting me) and was irritated by a lot of other things. Work was hell that day and my mood went in all directions. Not good ones.
To top it all off, my boss called me this saturdaymorning. He asked me if I could do something for him on the computer because he had no access to his mail and there was some urgent matter that needed to be taken care of. Not a problem at all, I'm glad to help any time. But in the end it took me 1,5 hour to finish it. And at that point all the positive energy was drained from me and the negative energy of the week before was restored. I knew there and then I could kiss my sewing-saturday goodbye. 

But tomorrow will be a good sewing day. I just know it. 
And I promise you a high-spirited post about sewing and no more nagging about bad weeks. How 'bout that?

Have a nice weekend!



Uta said...

Perfect sewing weather, I'd say! Same here in Germany, but we had a kiddie birthday party to take care of... I'm also counting on tomorrow to be more productive!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I so understand...and I think the weather is affecting all of us...I had a lousy week too and I only worked 4 days!!!

Sigrid said...

Hope your day was productive as you wished. Hope too that your energy is more positive in the coming week. My car has to have its apk on Wednesday... no problems expected, but you'll never know.

Eugenia said...

We've been getting a lot of snow here in the UK too! Sorry you had such a bad week but hopefully this week will be a much better one for you.