Friday, January 15, 2010

Chinese.....anyone ?


Does anyone have a clue what's written here? It's a comment on my latest post. Placed by someone, or company?, named RING.
Clicking on the name leads you to a blog with very few words. In Chinese. Only one page, no pictures. Name of the blog: RING.

After the comment a series of dots are typed. I saw that they were a link and I was too curious not to check what it was linked to. That appeared to be something like an over-18 kind of site. In Chinese.

I read on many of your blogs that you were (or are?) being bombarded with all kinds of advertisement comments. I guess they found me too now. But it's really annoying that I can't read it.

I deleted the comment already but I copied it to this post.

D*mn........can't stand not knowing.

So if you can help me out here?

On a much more sadder note.....some of you may have noticed that I have placed 'counterflag' on my blog. A funny tool to see how many persons visited your site and which country they're from. If someone visits you and he or she is the first of their country, their flag is placed on a map.

Guess from which country I got a visit for the first time on the 12th of January?
We all know what happened on the 13th. I just can't help but wonder....



Sigrid said...

try Babelfish, I got these comments too, and they are advertisement for adult content websites. That was my impression from the translation, I never clicked the actual links, a. not interested, b. fear of virus websites.

Eugenia said...

I'm sorry but my understanding of the Chinese language is non-existent so I can't help with a translation but I understand your curiosity!!

Kathi said...

I also had one of those comments and clicked the link to end up on an adult content site!! Boy was I surprised!!!!!! This was before I had read about the spam problem and I just really hadn't thought that I was going to end up on anything but a sewing blog! There was definitely no sewing on that site!!!! Isn't it disgusting that people have nothing better to do than spam our sites?