Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bathrobe finished

The bathrobe is finished. I already traced and cut the pattern a few weeks ago. Yesterday I cut into the fabric, started sewing and today I finished it.
Talking about instant-satisfaction! I'm super-glad with it. It's everything I hoped it would be. I made it extra-long (I'm tall). It's thick and warm. Everything a bathrobe should be imo.

I played with the idea of modelling it for you, but decided on 'don't think so'.
The pictures of this post tell you everything you need to know, anyway. Here's a more detailed picture:

It's a very easy pattern. The hardest part about this garment was cutting through 2 layers of this fabric. My hand really hurt when I was finished. 

As you can see in this linedrawing there are only a few details. No ingenious collar or anything, just a clean line with a facing all the way around.
The pockets have cut-on facings you only have to fold over and stitch through.

Don't tell anyone, but I cheated on the waistband. I didn't want to sew it in the usual way. That would mean having a seam at one (long) side with 4 layers of fabric, and the other (long) side only 2, and therefore much thinner. I used the finished edge of the fabric by cutting the band alongside it. Then I folded the band in three. The raw edge on the inside and the finished edge flipping over. Then I stitched the finished edge in place and continued to sew all around the band. Because the fabric is so lush, it doesn't show at all that I cheated.

You can tell from the linedrawing that the front is curved at the height of the waist. Usually I have to lower the waist to make things fit better but this time I just couldn't be bothered. So my curve starts a bit above the waist.

Wow, I am mucho happy with this!

Next project.....PJ's!   Stay tuned.



Faye Lewis said...

Looks cozy and warm! My favorite color too.

Eugenia said...

Gorgeous. You're going to be looking very stylish when lounging in your new bathrobe. It looks so lush and cozy. That pink is very pretty and I love the simple clean lines of the neckline.

Lina said...

Lovely pink!!! I am going to copy you one day.:)

Kathi said...

What a pretty bathrobe!! I am sure you will enjoy it!

Atom said...

WOW, NICE long bathrobe..