Sunday, December 27, 2009

It doesn't often come that easy

In less than an hour I finished this garment. Cutting the fabric took more time than sewing it.
When  I had finished it and put it on I had a real mwah-feeling about it. First thing I thought was: I don't hate it but I am definitely never, ever gonna wear this outside my home. Than a question: If I only wear this at home, will I get a lot of wear out of it? And at that point the love for this garment started to grow. I could see myself using this in the summer as a quick pull-on when I get a bit chilly. Or on other days when you don't want to wear a sweater but only a shirt is not enough. Or if you want to read in bed and you need something to keep your arms and shoulders warm. Man, I can tell you, I took these pictures today and as I write this post I'm still wearing it. The love keeps growing. Isn't that amazing?

But it has a problem:

On my left side the ribbing is standing out, like a little pocket. That's actually the main reason why I don't want to wear this in public. I took the advice of Mary-Beth from The Sewing Divas and cut the ribbing a bit longer than the pattern prescribed. I'm glad I did or else I think this wouldn't be wearable. Not with this ribbon, which is quite stiff compared to the very soft and light pink fabric. Now, some of you may perhaps think: why don't you redo that part? Yes, that could be an option but as I said, if I'm only gonna wear this at home, I can live with this minor imperfection perfectly.

There is, however, a way I could solve this problem without having to go back to my sewing-machine: if I would wear it like this. But that would mean I have to attach some sort of fastening to it (right now I'm thinking of push-buttons). It would somehow alter the character of this garment and I don't want that. So I think that will be a no-no and I will wear it just like it is.
Next thing on my sewingmind is getting me a real sewingplan.
Or in other words: a SWAP.  It's not gonna be a big one, I'm a SWAP-beginner after all. But I will think it through thoroughly and carefully. The plan is to use only BURDA-patterns. I'll keep you posted on that one.

Parting shot:
Remember when I posted a week ago that we had snow in The Netherlands?
Well, this is what is left of it at my place. Typical dutch! But I think we shouldn't complain as a lot of you in America and other places in the world are really suffering from the bad winter-weather. My heart goes out to all you people and I hope the weather-conditions will improve soon!



KID, MD said...

What a wonderful comfy sweater! I'm working on a wear-around-the-house sort of jacket now. This one looks perfect!

Eugenia said...

Lilian, this is really lovely. You should wear it out of the house because it looks great! I love the colour combination - the softness of the colours perfectly complements the soft cuddly style. Great job!

Kathi said...

I am glad the love is growing! Before you know it, you will be wearing it out of the house!