Sunday, December 13, 2009

A few things on 'cuffs'

First of all a big thank-you to the commenters on my latest post, for the compliments on my blouse-under-construction. They are well appreciated.

A second big thank-you to Sigrid who suggested a link to a tutorial for sewing a collar with a stand, the way I've done on this blouse (and some blouses before). This is definitely the technique I was talking about, Sigrid.

And as I promised, for everyone who's interested to read and see more: . As you can see this is part 2 so check out the other parts too for a complete tutorial.

After a busy week, today I finally had some time to do more sewing and I finished both sleeves. I love the way they are finished at the cuffs, it's so feminine. The cuff is just wide enough to put my hand through (which is normally a lot smaller than the pattern suggests). Here's a detail:

(I promise you the sleeve was there first ......)

So the things left to do are:

- Inserting the sleeves
- Buttonholes
- Attaching buttons
- Hemming

Shouldn't take too long right? My next post will show the finished project and, for a change,  I'm planning on showing it 'in the flesh' :)
Till next time.



Eugenia said...

I LOVE those narrow cuffs, so pretty - looking forward to seeing you model the finished project! Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

Sigrid said...

Hoi Lilian, by your description I thought this was the way you made the collar with stand. I've tried this method too, and it's great.

Good luck finishing your blouse, those last steps can be more time-consuming than you hope for (at least, that's my experience).

PS: do you know 'my' tutorials site? It's a site with links to all kind of sewing tutorials, including the three of Pam's collar with stand.