Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bring on 2010......I'm ready for it !!

(Sorry, no pictures this time, but I hope you will be so nice to read my post. Thanks).

Having had a few days free from work, I've had lots of time to read loads of blogs. And as I already expected (and hoped), lots of you have done some kind of year-review. I would have loved to do one myself but my blog is only a few months old, my digital camera only a few months more and I can't even remember all the things I sewed this year. But..

if I look back at 2009, what do I see?

- Lots of sewing. Some of the things I made were really great. Most of them just great. And some of them I have never worn. And thát's not a good thing. It made me realise that I have to think very carefully before I decide on an outfit or a fabric. Most of the times I went wrong was when I really liked the fabric before it was cut, but once it was made into a garment it was looking funny-strange-not to my liking. Lesson learned!

- A new sewing-machine, as my old and dear Pfaff died suddenly in spring. It has been serving me for at least 17 years, so that was a machinelife well-lived. T'was a short-felt pain though. I'm ever so glad with my Pfaff Expression 2026. That I wanted a Pfaff again was not a question for me. In those days I kept thinking of an old dutch commercial-advertising about Pfaff-sewingmachines. It was broadcasted in my younger years and it went something like this: (a woman's voice says:). "My grandmother had a Pfaff, my mother has a Pfaff, I have a Pfaff and later my daughter will want a Pfaff-sewingmachine as well"
And no, I'm not joking, my mother had a Pfaff also..LOL !... 

- A serger: Pfaff Hobbylock 4842. (Yes, Pfaff....sigh...I'd like to state right here and now that I don't get payed for all this advertising, by the way). Can't speak of a new one because I never had one before. It's great. Especially since now I'm able to use all that jersey I was craving. It's a joy to use and it gives great results and a nice and professional finishing. What's not to like?

- A strange sewing-insecurity that occurred in the second half of the year. I absolutely don't know what it is or where it's coming from but I've been sewing for years now and all of a sudden, this year, I started questionning my sewing-skills. Being suddenly 'afraid' of using certain sewingtechniques that I had used many times before, and successfully I might add. Strange, but not something that can't be handled.

- A change in the patterns Burda and KnipMode are producing. I don't like them anymore the way I did some years ago. I had a subscription to KnipMode from 1993 up until 2008. I have 22 loose numbers of Burda, varying in years from 1995 up until 2009. I played with the idea of getting a subscription to Burda but I never did. And now I'm glad I didn't. I sometimes feel I have enough patterns here to last me a lifetime. I pick up both magazines in the shop every month (I know I'm lucky to have easy access to both of them) and look through them. If one has an interesting feel to it, it comes home with me. But most of the time it doesn't.

Looking forward to 2010, what do I hope for:

- Lots and lots more of sewing. Especially dresses. I'm lacking dresses soo badly!

- Less wadders.

- Building up my fabric-stash. Yes my dear readers, the number of pieces of fabric I have waiting to sew up, is pathetic compared to what some of you got. I don't think I will go overboard with this one though. I'm the kind of girl who would get bloody nervous if she saw all that fabric, compared to the time she has to sew. Just a nice, decent and comforting amount. That will do.

- Which brings me to my next hope for the coming year: more time to sew. Which could be achieved by applying some kind of time-management. I'm not good at planning my time. That is one of my new-year resolutions as it happens. And that one could easily be linked to the one: making my job/work part of my life. NOT making my life part of my job/work, as I feel I've been doing the past year.

- Lots of pleasure in blogging, be it reading others or writing my own. It's a source of inspiration, joy, relaxation, that I now can't live without any more.


I think that will be enough. For now. I have other goals as well but they relate more to my personal life. Probably not that interesting for y'all.

At this moment, as I'm writing, only 5 hours and 23 minutes of that year 2009 are left here in the Netherlands. A year cursed by some, loved by others. All in all a year lots of us will remember because of certain things that happened to us, good or bad. I think we can wish for a wonderful new year but we can never expect to get it as life involves all kind of events that hit us or pass us by, weather we like it or not. It's just part of it. And it's a cheesy saying but oh so true: because of the bad moments we know how thankful we should be for the good ones.

I don't have to tell you all this. You already know.

I'm wishing you and your loved ones a new year in which there will be many moments to be thankful for and hope you can say at the end of it: It's been a góód year!



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Eugenia said...

I hope that you achieve all that you wish for in 2010. I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things that you make in the coming year .....