Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pink sweater - so far

Yesterday I started on the pink sweater (KnipMode December 2002) This is the linedrawing:

and this is what I came up with so far:

As I wrote in an earlier post I was a bit scared of handling fleece since I hadn't worked with it before. But I have to say it's a pleasure to work with. It has a little stretch and so far sewing it has been a breeze. I'll skip the pockets though, maybe next time when I will use this pattern they will get their moment in the sun. I also narrowed the waist as the original pattern has a straight sideseam and I don't want it to look too baggy.

Before I start with a garment I always go through the steps in my mind, several times. Sometimes trying to figure out how to do things. This time I kept thinking about how I had to insert the zipper but I couldn't figure it out. When I read the instructions everything became clear and it seems to be very easy. (Maybe that's what instructions are for, right?) You just need a little handstitching (basting), but that's not something I mind. (I always picture myself as one of the seamstresses in the Chanel sewing-room as seen in the 4 episodes of 'Signe Chanel', silly I know but it works. It makes me feel ever so 'coutury'. You should try it if you dislike handstitching).

I wanted to show you some detailpictures about the construction but no matter how I placed my work on the table, even I couldn't figure out what the pictures I took were all about, let alone someone else. Then I got the brilliant idea to put it on the dressform inside out and that finally gave the picture and the details I was looking for.

In the picture you can see the opening where the zipper should be placed. I have to fold the seamallowance of the front, the collar and the facing (all in 1 straight line) to the wrong side, baste it in place, fold the facing to the inside and then baste the zipper in its place and machinestitch it.
The patterndescription also calls for piping in the horizontal frontseam. The effect of piping is great when done properly, but I shied away from it. I wanted this sweater to be a project to get to know fleece-fabric and learning how to use piping was not on my list this time. I know, after 17 years of sewing I still have a lot to learn.

I should be able to get very far with this sweater today. My plans are to finish it. Talking about plans, I haven't decided yet on my next project. I really!! want to make one of the pencilskirts I bought fabric for. But actually I would like to lose some weight before I do. I know, THIS IS STUPID (x15). It's like buying something a bit too small, thinking that you'll fit into it once you loose a bit of weight and then, after a year or so, the thing you bought ends (with the pricecard still attached to it) in a charitybag. 
But I can't help myself. I have a tnt-pattern which is just a bit too tight for me at the moment and I know that it looks sóóóó good when it fits (in my opinion that is).
So, there are my options: waiting till I loose weight and most likely end up with two pieces of fabric that once thought they were destined to become a lovely skirt, or not be so silly about it any more and just sew up those babies.

Well.....thinking about it......maybe I have just convinced myself.

But we're not there yet. First my sweater. Pictures of the finished project in the next post! Hope you all have a lovely weekend.



Sigrid said...

Looking good so far. Will be comfortably warm too.

Kathi said...

I have some leopard fleece. I plan to use it to make a similar top from a Jalie pattern. It also has the zipper and such. I haven't started on it yet because we have had warmer weather lately. I should get it done before we have a cold day!