Monday, November 30, 2009

New plans

This morning I wanted to clean my sewingroom. Or at least tidy up a bit. But I didn't get much done. After finishing my skirt yesterday the thought of a new project hasn't left my mind since. I started flickering through all my sewingmagazines and came up with lots of ideas.

I wrote that I own about 12 pieces of fabric and therefore am not allowed (self-imposed rule!) to buy anything new but have to sew with what my stash provides.
So I decided to look in my stash and see what was waiting there for me. And guess what? The major part are summerfabrics ! Now, I can't go sewing summerthings in winter, can I? So, what does this mean? YES, I CAN BUY MORE FABRIC.

Silly rule, actually. I think it origins from the time that I didn't sew up that much. I sewed regularly but not as much as I do now. I bought one, maybe two pieces of fabric and sewed them up before I bought new stuff. I didn't have a stash so to speak.
Maybe it also has to do with the way I buy fabric. I read on many of your blogs that you buy fabric (large pieces) and afterwards you decide what you will do with it. Most of the time having enough fabric left for another piece.
I choose a pattern and buy the amount of fabric that is needed (and a bit more because of my length, I am 1,79m / 5 ft. 11 long). Buying this way is somewhat restrictive but on the other hand, every piece I buy is spoken for and will have it's place in my wardrobe. That is if it not ends in a wadder of course. It's not very adventurous, I'm aware of that.

When I started reading sewingblogs (about 2 years ago) I really liked the idea of SWAPping, and I still do. I never came round to do a SWAP of my own so far. But maybe I should do it. And that would mean buying lots of fabric. Well, that's another plan and I don't want to talk about that today.

My plan for today was to show you the things I want to make next.

Blouse / KnipMode 1998-12 / 23
This blouse I made years ago. I remember I loved it dearly but I made it a bit small. In those years I gained some weight and it became too small too soon. I especially liked the way the buttons were fastened with little loops, made from the same fabric. A trend you saw a lot in those days. So this is a new try in a larger, more sensible size. I don't have a good picture of the fabric I'm gonna use but it's armygreen and has a suede-like feel and look, but is much thinner and fluid. Hope you get the idea.

The picture in the magazine (not of great quality I'm afraid):

Chanel jacket / KnipMode 2001-10 / 17b
I already bought the fabric a while ago. On the right the picture in the magazine:

And last but not least:

Blouse / KnipMode 2008-05 / 5b
This pattern is a bit more recent than the other two. This blouse I also made before. The fabric I'm gonna use is purple with tiny little white dots. This is what it looks like in the magazine (don't you just love those puffy sleeves??):

So these are my plans for the nearby future. I hope to come up with some pictures of my work in progress very soon but I don't think I will get anything done today and tomorrow my workweek starts and that's usually not the best time for blogging/sewing for me.

We'll see he?


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Gail said...

Great items to sew. Will look out for updates.