Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New fabric

Today I received my package of fabric I ordered on monday. I had totally forgotten about it so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my mailbox this evening. This was bought via a webshop and therefore it's always a surprise what you will really get. It's also a risky business because you can't refuse your order because the colour is a bit different then you thought or the pattern is a bit more bold than you pictured it to be. And I must say, this has happened to me once or twice. Once I bought a fabric I thought was purple-brownish coloured. I wanted to make a skirt of it. When I opened my package a bright and sunny orange was 'smiling' back at me. I made a summerblouse with it and I think that was a good choice. But can you imagine this looking purple-brownish in a picture? Well it did.

Today's experience was a similar one. But this time it was the size of the pattern that startled me. Of course I knew it had circles, a lot of them. But they're sort of XXL in real life. Probably I just have to get used to the idea. What will happen now is: I spend a day away from the fabric, not able to see it but in the meantime the circles start to grow to a very serious size in my head, and then I come home, see my fabric and think: Oooohh...they're really not that big at all!
Works every time :)
Well, here's a picture of it. The zipper I placed on it is 30 cm (about 12 inches) long, so you get the idea. The colour is black with petrolblue. It's a polyester-viscose with a bit of spandex in it. It has enough stretch in it to sew anything without a zipper.

Don't get me wrong, I still like it very much. It's just that I don't want to attract attention in a dress with a pattern shouting: Hey..over here, look at me!! That's a bit out of my comfortzone. But if everything goes to plan then I will make this dress (hey, hey, whaddayouknow..circles!):

It's from the dresses-special (june 2009) that Knipmode published to celebrate their 40th anniversary and it contains patterns for 40 dresses! Now isn't that a wonderful idea!!! (By the way, when is it Burda's 150th birthday? No, just kidding of course..). I like the simple lines of this dress but still it's a very classy look. And sorry for the beheaded lady, but I wanted to picture the dress as big as possible.

Before I can start this project I still have lots of other sewing stuff on my mind. And it's about time I kick my lazy butt and get some work done!! Next weekend I don't have any appointments (yet), so that should get me back behind my sewingmachine.
Oh, I almost forgot, I also received the black lining I ordered. I'll use it to line the red pencilskirt I've got planned. Here you see the combination of the two.

I know that a red lining maybe would have been a more appropriate colour but the way the skirt is made, no lining should be seen on the outside so I don't see a problem there. And I could only find a very red lining so I figured black would suit it better. The lovely lady of the shop also added a free bobbin with black thread. Now isn't that sweet! She always adds something, like a zipper or thread, just as a gift.

Parting shot:
Look who was also really chuffed with the new delivery? 

Once unpacked, there's always a nice empty package to play with! Of course this little one wasn't left unattended when playing with this bag. I'm a responsible 'kitty-mum'.



Kathi said...

That dress you are planning to make is really cute!! It is simple, yet very elegant. I never would have put that line drawing with the dress! The line drawing seems much less form fitting.

Eugenia said...

Isn't it just great when a package arrives in the mail - it's like someone's sent you a present! I know what you mean about fabric sometimes turning out to be not how you thought it would but I have to say that I really love that fabric with the circles - the black and blue is a really nice colour combination and will make a gorgeous dress.