Monday, November 2, 2009

My version of Halloween

For everyone of you who has been celebrating Halloween or taking part in activities, I hope you had a really fun time. In the Netherlands we don't have Halloween. You see the odd pumpkin here and there, but no dress-up parties or scaring other people, or trick-or-treating. There is, I must say, a growing interest but that has more to do with the commercial side of things. (If you are confronted with all kinds of advertisements, telling you that you HAVE to buy all kind of halloween-related things, yes then maybe in a few years we will have a halloween-tradition as well. But it will not by far be the tradition that you all have).

Of course I couldn't wait and decided I had to make my own scary version of Halloween.
How? I'll tell you.

There once was a blouse, it was nearly finished by its creator, only buttonholes had to be made and buttons had to be attached.
Since its creator had the access to a wonderful, electronic Pfaff-sewing machine with fully automatic buttonhole-option, the making of them was a job not worth mentioning. Just pointing out on the fabric where the buttonholes should be placed, type in the length and let the sewing machine do the rest.
The first buttonhole was made. The thread its creator used was the same as was used for hemming, and that looked alright. So why then did the buttonhole look like a brown spot in a snowwhite field?
That was no good. Its creator thought: "O well, I'll change the thread and redo that one later. Thread was changed and all was going well. Next buttonhole was a beauty. Colour was right. On to the third.

Third buttonhole was ready. But, oh no! it was only 2/3 of the length it was supposed to be. That really puzzled its creator and got her a bit scared. That should NOT happen when it's fully automatic! Suddenly, making buttonholes with this machine was no longer considered a fun thing to do. It had become a scary thing and starting the fourth one was a bit nerve-wrecking. But she overcame her fear and finished the fourth one. And it was ok. That gave her strength and courage to start on the fifth and last one. But disaster struck again when after only 2/3 of the length (yes.....sigh.....) the sewingmachine decided the buttonhole was long enough and it was time to stitch back in the opposite row. Now its creator started to get really angry and uttering..uhh..not so nice words as in trying to make the bad spirit, responsible for all this misfortune, go away. And it did. It FINALLY did. But not after giving a last kick. With horror the creator discovered that there was not much thread left and she still had to unpick and redo 3 buttonholes.
And this was the only right colour of thread that she had. And she really wanted to finish this blouse. So, fingers crossed, she started unpicking, all the time thinking: "Am I going to succeed?" and "Am I not going to damage the fabric as that's quite likely to happen, considering everything that's going wrong?" But her luck changed, and she managed to do all three of them, in the right length! and had even some thread left to sew on the buttons.

So we can happily say that all's well that ends well. The blouse was finished and disaster struck no more.

The end.

I know it's silly but I keep thinking: could all this have anything to do with the fact that it's a full moon, haha..

Now, a picture of my finished blouse. No face today, I don't look too well.
I wish I was able to post sharper pictures. In the software I'm using they look absolutely fine, but once I post them on this blog they get a bit blurry....(whoaaa....could that be the bad spirit returning???)



Eugenia said...

I always find buttonholes stressful - sewing machines sometimes seem to have a mind of their own! Unpicking them is quite horrible. I am so glad that your blouse (and you) survived the ordeal - it looks really lovely. I was interested to see that you're reading My Cousin Rachel - I just read it (for the second time) a few weeks ago, I really enjoyed it.

Lina said...

With full moon or not,my Pfaff sewing machine is in the same mood while automatically sew buttonholes.So, I am quite sure that it is not bad spirit.LOL
Very nice blouse,interesting fabric.
Good job after all.