Monday, September 28, 2009

Black blouse finished, new project started

I finished my black blouse yesterday. Here is the result.

The details are very hard to see as black is a terrible colour to photograph. In the second photo at least you can see a bit better what the fabric looks like. It's plain black with shiny stripes. But hey, you can see the shape anyway and I think that turned out really nice.
Normally I have a size 44 but since this was a pattern from the nineties, I could easily do with a size 42. Glad I decided on that or else it would have been huge. It still has rather a lot of space but I like that for this pattern.

Being a nineties-pattern, I wonder weather I should put in some shoulderpads, because I really think this blouse requires them. I have some in my stash so that could be tried. Not sure yet tough. The common opinion nowadays is that wearing shoulderpads is about as bad as you can get, fashionwise. I disagree totally. People seem to forget that shoulderpads come in various sizes and that you can choose a very modest pair, just to give your garment that little bit of shoulder that you might be lacking. I'm glad they're still here!! Today I cut the fabric for a dress. It's a KnipMode pattern from the dresses-special. The fabric is a bit heavy, has some stretch in it alltough I wonder weather it has enough stretch to put on without a zipper, but I'll try and test along the way. The color is beautiful, a petrol-blue. I can't wait to see what will be the end-result. It should be a fairly easy dress to make. No difficult details, just straightforward sewing. Tomorrow (or actually, today!) on my weekly day-off, I will start sewing this beauty.
More to come.

Gr. Lilian

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