Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fabric Feast

A few posts back I promised you pictures of my new fabric. 'New' is maybe not the correct word as some of them are already a few months in my posession.

So here goes.

(click on the pictures to get a closer look at the fabric)

Online shopping at "De Stoffenstunter". I was very, very pleasantly surprised when I opened my package. You can never tell for sure what you are gonna receive with online shopping but this was GOOD!

1. Blue pinstripe for a narrow skirt
2. Gorgeous velvet-jersey for a top  (is it possible to be in love with a fabric?)
3. Plain simple black jeans for a skirt

1.                                                                 2.


Fabric Market near my home. At a certain point I remembered I also had planned to go to the fabric market in Nieuwegein, and stopped buying. Or else.....

1. Lovely velvet-jersey which I plan to use for a wrap-dress (to my surprise this fabric is used in the
    KnipMode January 2012)
2. Softly spotted suede-like fabric for a skirt
3. Brown, very fine checks. Great trouser-fabric
4. Another brown, fine herringbone for trousers

1.                                                                   2.

 3.                                                                  4.

Fabric Market in Nieuwegein. I also met a lovely group of fellow-sewists there and bought the following lovelies.

1. Soft lilac knit, for a cardigan
2. Super-soft fake-fur. I'll use this for the collar of a cardigan. Still have to find a matching white knit for
3. Great Chanel-fabric. No, not the real stuff....duh... I love the colours in it. Plans are to make a skirt
    with it.
4. The blue/black fabric is a heavier cotton with a bit of shine. I planned to make a skirt with it but I'm leaning
    more towards a little jacket every time I look at it.
5. A thin cotton with a mille-fleur print. Perfect for a little blouse.

1.                                                                    2.

3.                                                                    4.


So, there you have it. Tons of fabric and lots of plans.
It's not that I haven't sewn anything lately. After the white blouse I showed you in my last post, I made the creme ribcord skirt (which was part of this project and therefore long overdue) and I made a cardigan this week. It's finished though I'm still thinking of putting some darts in the back to make it a bit more body-hugging. I'll show you the outcome in a next post, with or without the darts.

Have a great weekend everyone and a very, very good 2012!!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 3, 2011

White blouse finished

Done!! It felt like it took forever to finish this blouse. I'm glad it's finished so I can start on something new.

But I'm very happy with the end-result.
The pattern is from KnipMode 10/2006.

It's quite a simple, basic blouse, but the pleats just below the collar are a great feature. It is not close-fitting but it's not too loose also. It's just right. I can wear it just like this, tucked in or with a belt. 

The fabric was a remnant I picked up from the market. I bought 3 pieces for the price of € 5. You do the maths!
I love the fact that it's not a see-through fabric. It's hard to find great fabric for a white blouse but this one fits the bill just right.

A closer look at the pleats and collar with stand:

I planned to use 3 smaller buttons to close the cuffs. But the only buttons I could find this week (during the only opportunity I had this week to go shopping) came in one size only, so I had to change my plan and decided to use 2 buttons on the cuffs. 3 of this size would have been too much.
It's ok. But next time I'll try a bit harder to find what I really want, so I can stick to my original plan.

It's hard to decide what I will pick up next. I have a lot of lovely fabric waiting for me and tons of ideas. I'll show you my goodies in a next post. By that time I hope I have decided on my next project, or even better, started on it!