Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cute skirt (KnipMode 04/2011-5)

At least, that's what I think. I loved the pattern from the first time I saw it. I found a very nice fabric for it, Swiss cotton, as the lady in the shop called it. I like the print (African inspired?) and the feel of the fabric very much. I didn't feel like modelling today (sorry) but to give you an idea of the length: the hem just hits my knees.

Now, let the pictures do the talking:

and here's the linedrawing, which shows all the cute details.

I like the little buttons, the way that the pockets are partly hidden behind the outer pleats, the wide waistband, the flare of the skirt and the way it shouts 'summer!'.
I didn't make buttonholes but sewed the buttons on through the two layers of the waistband so the two pieces are connected. Other than that, ánd being decorative of course, they have no function.

Here are some detail-pics:

This was, again, a real quick project.
This evening I cut out a t-shirt from a TNT-pattern. No work for another day, so I should find the time to start and finish it tomorrow.
I'm really in sewing-mode lately. I have plans for another t-shirt and a knit dress. And whatever comes next. It's great to be so creative and productive.

I hope you're all feeling the vibe!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Two quick sewing projects

Not one, but TWO pieces. Now that's not often happening on this blog. But these two pieces were fairly easy to make. Add to that the fact that I was really inspired to sew, and you can understand it was fun to make this set.

The top is from KnipMode / July 2010 / 17b
The bermuda shorts are from KnipMode / supplement March 2011 / 106b (I placed the zipper in the front and not at the side. Don't like side-zippers).

The fabric of the top is a jersey of the kind that melts when you iron it a bit too hot. (That didn't happen to me thank God, I was smart enough to test the fabric first. Phew!)
I don't know what it's called, but if you look at the close-up pictures below you'll get a pretty good idea.

(Let's just say: it's not the kind of fabric that gets the contestants of Project Runway through to the next round. I can already hear Michael Kors saying: "this is cheap (!!) fabric. What were you thínking!", followed by Heidi's "You're OUT")

I did have some reservations about gathering this fabric but it turned out it was very, very easy. There's no need to loosen the stitch. The ruffles just won't hold if you do. You don't have to use long stitches either, which gives a very fine result:

The sleeves are rather wide. It makes it all the more comfortable to wear.
The hem is serged.

The hem at the bottom is done by handstitching.
I somehow didn't like a serged hem at that place.

The bermuda was fun to make as well. It fits quite good. I made my 2 cm.-adjustment I used here for the first time and it's really doing the trick for me. No awkward crotch-wrinkles, but just nice, smooth lines. Definitely a keeper!

 That's it for now. Enjoy your (long?) weekend everyone!!