Fabric haul Fall/Winter 2020-2021

From when I started sewing in my early teens, up until a few years ago, my hometown had a fabricshop which I visited frequently. When the shop closed it was the time that real fabricshops were becoming very scarce and online shops were starting to bloom. I've done my fair bit of online shopping but it can NEVER replace the real deal. Looking directly at the fabric, seeing every detail of the fiber and the print. Feeling how soft, flimsy, sturdy, stretchy, warm or breezy it is. Stroking it lovingly whilst coming up with ideas for patterns you want to use for it. I miss it. Very much. That's why I'm so happy with the big fabricmarkets that are organised twice a year, in spring and fall. Last spring I had my hopes set on the fabric market that was to be held on the 18th of March, only half an hour's drive away from my home. Well, as you probably already guessed: it all fell through because of covid-19. In september however, when things were starting to look up a bit, a market was organized in which all Corona-measures were taken into account. I really wanted to go but had decided that if it wouldn't feel safe, I would turn around in an instant and go home. But there was no need for that. It was organized very well. You had to reserve a ticket online to get inside, so the number of people inside were limited. There were timeslots but I was lucky that when my timeslot had almost finished, they announced that due to few tickets sold for the next hours, the people inside were allowed to stay till closing time. You could walk around very safely, and so I did and spent some time ánd money there. After that I was the happy owner of 11 pieces of fabric, all bought with a plan in mind. (The picture above shows 10 pieces but that's because one of them is on my cutting table right as we speak.)

So here they are, categorised. I'll start with the missing piece.

A very soft and rather thin, strecht  faux suede. 
I was drawn to the washed out roses immediately. The picture doesn't do the background colour justice: it's deep orangy-brown.

A beige fine-ribbed corduroy with a tiny bit of stretch. You can never go wrong with a nice corduroy for fall/winter.
This is actually for a summerskirt. It's a lovely cotton knit and it's gonna be dots on the top and the flowers on the bottom for this one.

A bit heavier knit for a sweater with a pleat-detail at the neck. I made it once before but didn't blog about it. With this one I will!

The colour of this knitted fabric is stunning and 10 times more beautiful than the picture shows. This will be made into a cardigan. 

I'm thinking of making this jersey into a cowl-neck top. But there is a possibility that I will change my mind about that. Oh well....

I'm slowly but surely letting go of the idea I had for this one. It's a blouse with buttonholes. And this is a jersey that I just can not imagine putting buttonholes in. So it's back to the drawingboard for this one.

Animal print is still a thing right? I hope so because this jersey is wild!  It will be a bit of an experiment because this is destined for a blouse with some kind of pussy-bow and wider cuffs on the sleeves. But I have high hopes for this one.

Just a fun jersey. I like how some of the balls look like they're lying on top of the fabric. 

This soft knit could be a painting! I love this one so much...

And the last one: a kaki green cotton-jersey for a t-shirt, so basically this is also a summerproject. 

So there you have it. My lovely goodies which will,  together with the rest of my fabricstash, help me through this winter. Who knows what the world will look like in spring 2021. Will we be going to crowded markets again without having to worry about our and other people's health? To be honest, I don't think so. I believe this is gonna take a while yet. 

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy en keep sewing folks!



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