Saturday, April 21, 2012

KnipMode 2012-04 / 17 - Skirt

Finally a picture of my latest project: the skirt. (And my previous project, the top).
I liked the design of the skirt from the very first moment I saw it and knew that I wanted to make it. And so I did. The picture above is not showing the details very well, but here's a linedrawing, a close-up of the topstitching and a close-up of the skirt.

I played with the idea of putting in the zipper at the front but in the end chose not to. I wanted to keep everything symmetrical. I used topstitching, to emphasize the nice design but also to flatten the seams. It would be a right mess on the inside otherwise.
I don't like a zipper on the side so I put in a seam in the back yoke and placed the zipper there.
The fabric I used is a black stretch jeans. It worked great and the corners of the frontpanel gave no hassle at all. Everything was behaving nicely this time.
I took these pictures last thursday after wearing this outfit all day, which explains the wrinkles. It was Secretary-day so, being a secretary, I thought it would be fun to dress up as one (nice top, pencilskirt, high heels, tadadumm...). Of course I do wear these kind of outfits but I can also wear jeans if I want to. Noone is gonna mention that.
Oh, and it was also my birthday, so I ended up with 3 bunches of flowers, a box of chocolate, a glossy magazine, gift-certificates and lots of kisses and congratulations. And that was only at work! Lucky me.

What's not so nice is that I'm suffering from bursitis in my shoulder. It's actually an irritated bursa so it's still early days. (I hope I translated this right, but I guess you know what I mean). I'm on medication now for 10 days and then we'll see. If it doesn't get better there might be injections.
O - M - G !!  I'm só not looking forward to that.
It's not that bad that I can't sew but I'll take it easy for a while. (Like I wasn't already taking it easy....duh!)
I could shop for fabric though. My fabricstash is totally lacking spring/summer fabric. So there's a big chance my next post will be about new purchased fabric. Yay!!!

Hope you all have a nice weekend!


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